Media report on how media won’t stop reporting a story

Schapelle Corby – the story won’t go away and neither will the media

At some point this goes full Spudda, doesn’t it, and the thing disappears up its own cloaca.

6 thoughts on “Media report on how media won’t stop reporting a story”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Before they disappear completely, some female academic will produce a doctoral thesis on how the media reported on the media reporting on this air head’s drug smuggling conviction.

    For her I assume porn is the next step. She young enough? Can we hope for a porn Asian women’s prison film?

  2. I reckon she was set up. Apparently in her trial her lawyer wanted to have the check in weight of her bag compared to the weight when she picked it up but that wasn’t allowed. Indonesia is corrupt as fuck but western politicians for whatever reason pussy foot around their citizens getting fucked over in these countries.

  3. The Groan: Schapelle Corby – the story won’t go away and neither will the media

    Who? What? Where?

    Never heard of it/him/her. Don’t want to either.

    I assume it’s only in lefty SJW “news” media.

  4. It was a big (but trashy) story a decade ago, the way that the Amanda Knox or Louise Woodward stories were back in the day.

    I’m kind of surprised the Guardian wasn’t critical of Corby, because I was under the impression that Corby wasn’t of the Guardian Class.

  5. It’s hilarious. There were about 40 journos booked on the same plane she was supposed to be taking, I hope they had a lovely chat together on the way home without her. Then she disappeared on arrival and evaded their chase at the airport. Most of the reason the story is so big is because they’re pissed off. She’s supposed to be a bogan (Aussie for white trash) desperate to sell her story and be set up as a media sacrifice. How dare she avoid them?

    There are racial subtexts to Corby’s imprisonment in that foreign land of Indonesia and how Australians view themselves in the world.

    Sigh. Definitely the Guardian.

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