Mmmm, yes, ermine suits

Labour has delivered a good manifesto for the UK


There isn’t one obvious big idea in the Labour manifesto of the type I would like. At the same time there is one massive underlying theme of bringing to an end the neoliberal era. And that is good enough. I have had my differences with Jeremy Corbyn, but this is a good manifesto for the UK.

Go on Jezza, Go on, go on, go on.

You know you want to.

20 thoughts on “Mmmm, yes, ermine suits”

  1. I have already asked Margaret not to shave for the forthcoming shoot with Richard, Polly, and an enthusiastic donkey. Not many people that Margaret is always fully waxed and likes to go commando on official occasions

  2. In the interests of full disclosure, is there any possibility that Dianne Abbott ”s public school educated child is a descendant of the Divine Jeremy?

  3. Don’t tell, but we had to anoint MH’s parts with donkey sweat to encourage the guy to do his duty. Something to do with union labour rates.

  4. So we have Richard cradling M’s head while he asks her what she wants from a capitalist society

  5. The donkey erupts…. MH looks at the camera and says….”Tastes better than you, Dickie”

  6. Rocco

    I’m interested to know on which shelf and under which category an aficionado of Murphy and Hodge type material might find it? Clearly it’s not going to be on the Teens shelf.

    Asking for a friend, currently serving at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

  7. The word ‘manifesto’ has been grossly inappropriate for a democratic republic since 1848, when Marx and Engels poisoned the word.

    Is the Left no longer afraid to show who they really are?

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