On community and being local

A quick trip down to the throbbing metropolis of this part of rural Portugal reminded me of what it is to be local. The florist sports a remarkably dreadful strawberry blonde, mullet, toupee. No one has quite pointed out that he needs, after these passing years, to be dying the grey out of his sideburns and moustache to make it even slightly believable.

And yet if someone were to come up from the Big City, all 15,000 people of it and fully 20 km away, and make fun of the remarkably dreadful strawberry blonde, mullet, toupee all of us locals would be rather put out by that. Because it’s our remarkably dreadful, strawberry blonde, mullet, toupee.

I’m sure great philosophers have tried to delineate, define, quantify even, community and what it is to be local but I can’t help feeling that I’ve grasped the nub of it right there.

24 thoughts on “On community and being local”

  1. Well, yes. And yet you frequently complain about people doing just what you describe, calling them ‘snowflakes’ and so-on.

  2. Social Justice Warrior

    There’s a social convention that members of your group can say things which outsiders cannot. Many of Tim’s commentators don’t get that.

  3. Tim would be only “rather put out by that”. A snowflake would demand severe punishment for anyone who says it.

  4. Dave, SJW: you should really just give up at this point. It’s not even half-decent trolling.

  5. Andy M>

    No, that’s just your delusion. People say stuff just like what Tim says above, he complains they’re asking for special treatment.


    You can get help for whatever mental illness you suffer from. There’s no stigma attached to it anymore, and you’ll have a much higher quality of life if you get treated.

  6. That’s a very ablest thing to say, Dave. You’re contributing to the stigma against mental illness by using it as a slur.

  7. @ Dave
    Everyone (except St Francis of Assissi) asks for special treatment of their community: what SJWs do is *demand* it at the point of a taser (while standing well out of the way so the copper picks up the flack).

  8. @Dave

    That’s even worse trolling. Are you just practising here? If so, you need some help with it.


  9. I find I’m more defensive of the place I’ve moved to than many of the locals. I guess living somewhere that’s nice and green, with relatively plentiful jobs around, is something you take for granted if that’s all you’ve known.

    I’ve been here years yet I still take a wander around sometimes and feel proper chuffed about the place.

  10. I’ll make a detour next time I’m headed to Quateira, Tim, score a bunch of flowers.This has got to be worth seeing. Are cameras permitted?

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    This is pretty basic anthropology. In group/out group etc.. If you can say “we” don’t make fun of the toupée then you’re in the former, if “they” then the latter.

  12. It does occur. Maybe the Labour Party feels like this about having a leader, smells faintly of stale wee.

  13. “Why does Worstall attract such hopeless, lame trolls?”

    Because the comments are hopeless and lame? Community?

    But I insult myself. Takes one to know one.

  14. I sneeze in threes

    “You’re contributing to the stigma against mental illness by using it as a slur”



    1. “mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person”

    2. “Medicine. A visible sign or characteristic of a disease.”

    I assume you are using the definition as in number 1 not number 2. Unless self-induced I don’t see what moral stigma you could draw from illness. A sense of antipathy I can understand.

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    Social Justice Warrior – “There’s a social convention that members of your group can say things which outsiders cannot. Many of Tim’s commentators don’t get that.”

    I think we get that. At a local level we probably understand that. The problem is that people like you have taken that and politicised it so that anyone can criticise White male but no one is allowed to say a bad word about any minority. No matter how bad their behaviour is. You are trying to silence dissent rather than enforce manners.

    However it is also wrong. There are things that you need an outsider to say. Admittedly I assume this man is divorced. A sensible wife would have said something. But still it is not being a friend to this man to pass over this in silence. He needs an honest outside opinion. That is why the mentally ill go to psychiatrists rather than talking about their problems with their parents.

  16. Eurovision (all this week) is the opposite of this principle. Every country showcases its most embarrassing stereotypes, and we’re supposed to look beyond the fact that they all have their national equivalent of blond-grey mullets.

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