He keeps telling us that people don’t migrate over taxes.

To what degree do higher taxes induce valuable and highly skilled individuals to relocate? The fear is that raising taxes will lead to a “brain drain”. Our research shows that the most innovative individual inventors are significantly affected by top tax rates when deciding where to live. Additionally, if the average country decreased its top tax rate, it would attract many more foreign superstar inventors to the country.

Research showing that people migrate in response to tax rates.

14 thoughts on “Poor Spudda”

  1. Wut? See: Switzerland, where the local tax rate can vary a lot.

    E.g. the influx of Neuchâtelois into the border municipalities of Canton Bern which has been so strong that the public meetings of the council are now being done bilingually (cos of course we can’t expect francophone incomers to learn the majority language well enough to participate, natch).

  2. It’s as if thousands of actors, writers, musicians and scientists didn’t all fuck off to America in the 1970s.

  3. What am I missing here?

    We’re due to leave the EU, which depending on your interpretation of the figures will save us £13 – £18bn pa, depending on whether you think the £100m per week we get back is spent on stuff we’d spend it on ourselves…
    In addition, it now seems we send them 25% of the import duties we levy due to their rules, and there are huge savings to be made discarding their red tape.

    All said and done, why are we looking at raising taxes?

  4. ….

    …and why Sean “SNP supporter” Connery doesn’t live in Scotland or UK

    …and why most F1 drivers live in Monaco

    …and why non-doms have been leaving UK since Brown taxed them, then Osborne kept increasing the tax

    …and ad infinitum

  5. Of course, Dick, with his Little Englander mentality, thinks that all these people are British xenophobes who are too stupid to have passports.

  6. Ritchie’s always said no-one leaves for tax, but just to be safe, tax them anyway as they’ve got a passport.

  7. The corollary is that people further down the income scale don’t migrate for tax reasons, placing more value on things like living close to mum & dad for the free childcare. So it’s safe to tax them to buggery without fear that they’ll emigrate.

  8. If they set themselves up as a company and organised their income in the form of grants from political organisations they would have to leave at all!

  9. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    So how else does he explain why London is the sixth biggest French town by population? The weather?

  10. US citizens are certainly influenced by state taxes in deciding where to live, even though they’re largely a rounding error on the total federal tax take.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset


    That’s been debunked a number of times by the More or Less team.

  12. Chris Miller, Phil Michelson didn’t consider it a rounding error when he publicly considered moving from CA to Florida. CA and NY have 10% state income tax. Florida has none.

    When I was retiring, I did consider moving to Florida over state taxation. So much so that I went on a road trip to decide where to move to. I didn’t like the place, so I am still in SC. (Though I later visited the Tallahassee area, which I like and could live there. I need hills and deciduous trees. Most of Florida is flat and scrubby.)

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