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May 1 Labour Day Celebrations – So When’s International Capitalists’ Day, To Celebrate Getting Rich?

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  1. ha- this occurred to me… if you are a worker with a pension fund – you are a capitalist, helping to increase workers wages, if you are a worker with solely a state pension, you are exploiter of the next generation of workers who will pay for your pension from the tax on their labour.

  2. Come on Tim, International Capitalist day is every day when you wake up in the morning

  3. Had to share the link on my Facebook page. Often have said that the communist inspired May day celebration (that usurped very traditional May day celebrations) should be gotten rid of. But never thought to have it replaced by the most excellent idea of a Capitalist/Free Markets day.
    Bring it on.

  4. Oi! 1st May is Union Day, the anniversay of the founding of that most blessed union, the United Kingdom. Stop appropriating our cultural history!

  5. “communist inspired May day celebration”: not just inspired by communists, but by American communists. Or cammunists, for short.

  6. Happy “Let’s celebrate the inevitable victory of international Communism” Day.

    It’s only a few decades behind the foregone conclusion from where it was when the holiday was originally misappropriated by the socialist scum.

  7. Saw a great idea on XYZ Blog. Re-name MayDay Victims of Communism Day. Neatly and truthfully turns the table on the dishonest left.

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