Praise Be! You can still send Hillary political money!

Hillary Clinton on Monday unveiled her new political action organization, Onward Together, which will fundraise for five prominent progressive groups.

What’s the slice that pays for Hills?

And what dreadful cultural appropriation here:


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11 thoughts on “Praise Be! You can still send Hillary political money!”

  1. Hasn’t the greedy cow got enough yet?

    With new revelations about the hit on Seth Rich, quite possibly Killery-ordered, is it too much to hope that the vile bitch is within measuring distance of being buckled at last?

  2. No attempt was made to disguise the assassination of Mr Rich as a robbery. I assume that that omission was pour encourager les autres.

  3. “five specific progressive groups: Swing Left, which targets vulnerable House Republican incumbents; Emerge America, which will train Democratic women to run for office; Color of Change, which fights for criminal justice reform and racial justice; Indivisible, a group that’s mobilizing a “resistance” against Trump; and Run for Something, which helps potential candidates find tools to guide their bids.”

    So five groups, four of which nobody’s heard about. And “Indivisable” that sort of appeared right after the elections and then faded away.

  4. I’m guessing that this will be used for money laundering to give those poor Saudi’s and others wishing to buy influence in the US a means of doing so.

    Why is this bitch not in jail yet?

  5. Ebb–Trump may have many failings but you will need to do better than Russian hoax cockrot from the BBC to claim that he is the greater evil in a contest with one of the most corrupt and evil women ever women ever to have lived.

  6. Lionel – at least Trump *knows* when he’s leaking intel to the Russians. Unlike the DNC or the Clinton campaign.

    And, ultimately, since all this stuff is classified, all we have are dueling narratives that it was ‘sensitive’, that it wasn’t sensitive – that we’re in no position to judge the merits of this. We have a long tradition of overclassifying over here.

    And its not even technically a leak. In the US, the President is the ultimate classifying authority and he has the authority to pass classified information to anyone he deems has need to know – he can ‘clear’ them as he sees fit.

  7. The worrying thing I see at the moment is that the machinery of state seems to be actively working against the executive

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