Quite remarkable really

Switching daily beer for water cuts risk of obesity, study finds
Researchers from Spain also find that swapping one sugary soft drink for water each day cuts risk of obesity by 15%

Ingesting fewer calories reduces your weight.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

21 thoughts on “Quite remarkable really”

  1. Alcohol multiplies the calories too, kind of. If I’m out getting hammered then as well as all the beer calories, the following day I can’t find the will to exercise and I want to eat lots of shitty high calorie food rather than sticking to my healthy diet.

  2. I’m not sure what’s being said here. Drink beer to lose weight? Seems an entirely logical position.

    Intended to go home, cook & eat dinner.
    But stopped at the bar for a quickie.
    Got into an interesting conversation, so ordered another.
    And another.
    And another
    And another
    Staggered out the bar at closing time & wobbled home. Too late to cook dinner & couldn’t be arsed anyway.
    Made chocolate spread & tomato sandwich (only sandwichable material in fridge not needing preparation)
    Took sandwich to living room but passed out on sofa, leaving sandwich untouched.
    Wake up in morning, see sandwich in coffee table, run to bathroom & thraw up.
    Breakfast doesn’t seem a good idea either.

    Works for me.

  3. D’reckon it’s worth my applying for one, Snr Bilbao? If so, under a Health or Culture classification?

  4. Bread and water is the end scenario, except these maniacs believe bread is unhealthy too.

    They use salami tactics to move the ‘window’ on health further and further Left, so don’t engage with them. Cut funding to zero and blacklist them from government employment.

    All a bit Ecksian but they really do have to be stopped.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    It’s another study of specious gobbledygook by the look of it.

    To assert that drinking water instead of beer or pop will help with weight loss would make sense but talking about the risk of obesity removes the direct relationship between calorific drinks and adding blubber.

  6. Badly flawed. They look at heart attacks and strokes only. OK, maybe those are higher. But are those the only things people die of?

    Nope. So we’re still left with the general curve which shows that obese (but not grossly or morbidly) live longer.

  7. Did anyone notice in the fat-but-fit study that it started referring to obesity, and then sneakily switched to ‘overweight’ half-way through? The classic conflation of obese/overweight.

  8. ‘Switching daily beer for water cuts risk of obesity, study finds’

    Junk science. But wait . . . daily beer? Singular?

    ‘swapping one sugary soft drink for water each day cuts risk of obesity by 15%’

    So everyone has a 100% chance of becoming obese? You can make it 85% by cutting one drink? The math of junk science.

    I’m going to keep my beer. But thanks.

  9. Rob:

    “All a bit Ecksian but they really do have to be stopped.”

    How terrible–much better to do something that won’t work.

  10. Tea has a mildly diuretic effect, so could lead to weight loss.
    Drinkng 1/2 litre of water will increase your weight by 500g.

    Can I have my grant now please?

  11. BiF. Nah, the grant is for BiS. You are too good at maths

    He clearly gets it under ‘Culture and Self-Improvement’. Not sure if he tests well for inclusiveness, mysoginy (lack of) and skin colour (or should that be color) but he is good for my shares in brewers and that, at the end of the day, swings it.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    There was an article years ago in the Daily Mash about how “nutritional consultants” could reduce their risk of dying in a fire caused by someone pouring petrol through their letterbox by shutting the fuck up about bacon.

  13. ” Not sure if he tests well for inclusiveness, mysoginy (lack of) and skin colour ”

    Oh, I’ll fuck ’em whatever colour they are. That said, I try to stay away from the green ones.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    On a similar theme ,I’ve just done the Gills Bay to Orkney crossing and watched us set off from the bridge viewing area. It was all done on auto-helm with the engineer and first officer stood around chatting. To be fair, once they cleared the harbour they assumed their helm positions to keep an eye on what was ahead, but from what I could make out they were on auto-helm for the whole crossing.

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