Rare to see it said so explicitly

Experts welcomed the comments but were sceptical about what could be achieved. Tony Jaffa, a partner at Foot Anstey solicitors, said: “It’s a very laudable aim for Britain to lead the world in policing these companies but I’m not sure how achievable it is. It’s obvious that US tech companies are dominant, and the Americans have a conception of freedom of expression that’s quite different to ours, coming from their ideas about the first amendment.

“These companies claim they’re tech companies and not publishers while we on this side of the Atlantic believe that’s exactly what they are. It’s not only the companies that don’t accept those responsibilities but US lawmakers too.”

How dare the damn colonials just let people say whatever they want?

Mark Skilton, professor of practice at Warwick University, said: “The idea of an expert data-use and ethics commission is a good one, given the monopolisation of yours and my data by Google, Facebook and others for advertising and personal services . . .

Another professor of practice who is an idiot. T%he “and others” rather refutes the idea of monopoly, doesn’t it?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Just a wild guess, but I reckon Mark Skilton sees himself being on the commission, probably as Chairman.

  2. Again more bullshit from the arrogance and stupidity of Dress Up.

    Once Brexit is on beyond recall we need to turn on her with a vengeance. Perhaps the first UK Prime Minister to do jail time might be an appropriate end for her and a suitable punishment for a patronising and arrogant authoritarian. After all she is helping to create the kind of society where charges of some sort can soon be trumped up

  3. The Meissen Bison

    What is a professor of practice? Is it somebody who’s weak on theory like The Mrs Bison who can drive perfectly well but doesn’t have an inkling how a car works?

    Apparently not:

    I’m a recognized International thought leader in [rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb] For further details please contact me or follow me on Twitter @mskilton or Facebook and LinkedIn.

    This means that he’s a heavy user of this stuff and so he’d like to sit in official judgement on the providers.

    It’s an interesting fact that people who think that they are qualified to sit on ethics committees are quite unsuitable to do so.

  4. Leftist dictionary:

    Monopoly: businesses I don’t like being the dominant players in a market.

    Competitive market: businesses I like (and who support me and my policies) being the dominant players in a market.

  5. “How dare the damn colonials just let people say whatever they want?” They don’t. For much of my life speech was manifestly less free in the US than in the UK (or Oz, or NZ, ….). And much of the decline in free speech in Britain in my lifetime has been mere copying of noxious American precedents.

    What they have in the US is a constitutional prohibition against Congress passing laws that abridge free speech. This protection is presumably ignored from time to time, but then nothing’s perfect.

    But the idea that in typical American firms and universities I’d have enjoyed the free speech that I actually enjoyed in Britain, Oz, and NZ may safely be rejected. I’d have been told to button it or else.

  6. The snowflakes want content managed. Too bad.

    The American model eschews supply side control. It’s user side control. You don’t like what someone’s saying? Stop reading. Change the channel. Or say yourself publicly what you disagree with or otherwise don’t like about what was said.

    The problem with the American model is it doesn’t provide jobs for people, or give politicians power.

    ‘“These companies claim they’re tech companies and not publishers while we on this side of the Atlantic believe that’s exactly what they are.’

    One could reasonably argue that they are publishers. One could also argue that the users are self-publishing, that the tech just provides a way for them to do it. The distinction is irrelevant, unless you want control.

  7. I’m a recognized International thought leader

    What’s one of them? Is it something to do with ESP? Who’s thoughts does he lead, what are they, and how does he do it?
    Can he prove that he ‘leads thought’?

  8. Leftist dictionary:

    Ethical: Something which conforms to Leftist beliefs. Thus tariffs on food from Africa to protect ‘local’ and ‘organic’ EU produce is ‘ethical’.

    Taxing poor people in the UK so that African dictator’s wives can have Daimlers is ‘ethical’.

  9. Recognised thought leader…
    Oh the street cred! Guys (of all genders) are always high fiving him with yo bruv / you go sister or whatever the phrase is now as he gets on the bus.

  10. “I’m a recognized International thought leader”

    Approximately what size cunt would you need to be to write that about yourself? I’m going family sized maxi pack cunt.

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