So, come on lads, when does Worstallblogcoin come out?

The alt-currency arena seems to be entering a very great adventure of great profit but no one to know what it is territory.

So, I know the story we need to tell. Who can manage the tech side of cobbling together a currency from code at GitHub?

16 thoughts on “So, come on lads, when does Worstallblogcoin come out?”

  1. Err, what particular behaviours would you like your currency to exhibit, or would that be in the “here be dragons” territory?

  2. Pretty standard alt-coin really. It’s the other parts of the story which would make it different…..bitcoin clone, etherium, doesn’t make much difference to the overall plan.

  3. Well, as long as you don’t intend to bootstrap it by engaging some script kiddy to hold some Russian infrastructure to ransom.

  4. Heh. It’s a cunning plan to lure Snippa into proposing refinancing the government debt, then ultimately get McDonnell and half the cabinet banged up.

    Not sure what Tim’s got against the President of the Royal Society though.

  5. Cobbling together the programming is just work.

    Fun parts are deciding:
    1. Where does the money magically appear from? In whose hands?
    2. Who keeps the transaction logs, and what is their motivation, now and in the future?
    3. Do we do something about deflation, or do we consider it a feature like the bitcoin folks?

    In Bitcoin the answer to #2 is that the log keepers compete among themselves for magic money bundles, and when those run out they will keep the logs in return for transaction fees. It’s immeasurably cheaper to have a central authority maintain the logs, even if that requires a fancy building on Threadneedle Street, but then that authority can (1) cheat, or (2) crash and go away.

  6. I have 10 Worstallblogcoins on my PC.

    Can I buy your flat in Bath with them?

    Promise to pay the Sharer on demand etc?

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