So, err, it’s not very British art then, is it?

Brexit will spell the end of British art as we know it
Bob and Roberta Smith

If it’s, you know, reliant upon Brussels?

19 thoughts on “So, err, it’s not very British art then, is it?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I would have thought that much more traffic goes the other way. British artists are rarely recognised in Europe. But Europeans do well in the UK.

    Think of Haydn.

    So this is another area where they owe us.

  2. One of the very first comments;

    “I run a professional theatre company that employs 90% UK artists. 90% of our income is from the EU.”

  3. Since the bribes the Espew send are already our own money anyway these art-house creeps would do better whining to BluLabour than in the pages of the Gladrag.

  4. The Inimitable Steve

    That New Tate Modern looks like a futuristic concentration camp.

    I woke up recently to the voice of historian David Starkey telling radio listeners that there was no reason to fear Brexit because “we have been here before when Henry VIII split from Rome”.

    I like Starkey because he’s an eccentric reactionary and isn’t that odious little creep Schama, but his analogy is bullshit.

    The Reformation was a revolution, a historic rend in what had previously been kinda-sorta-united Western Christendom.

    Leaving the EU is more like fleeing that UFO cult whose leaders cut off their own balls before getting everybody to commit suicide for SCIENCE!, or something.

    We only turned up because we thought it was a tres sophisticated cheese and wine party, but by the time Frau Fritzl-Merkel showed us round her organic fairtrade atomkraft-nein-danke kebab-scented rape dungeon the Liebfraumilch had started to wear off and it was escape to victory time like wot Rocky and Pele did during the War.

    The congregations of 14th- and 15th-century Britain must have thought the edifices of Catholic Britain would last for ever, much as we now think of Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall.

    We’re approaching levels of awareness even homeopaths can’t measure.

    Leaving Europe means we leave the pan-European Erasmus university student exchange scheme, named after the Renaissance scholar. It is heartbreaking to imagine the options of future generations of students being so limited.

    Heartbreaking! Who will pay our priceless and valuable and incredibly useful students to fanny about in Europe?

    BTW, Erasmus is most definitely Not A Cult, and if you disagree, you need to audit your thetans:

    Butterflies in the stomach and cameras ready, that’s how we faced the moment of the voting results. But pictures and videos could not describe the feelings in the room, how the candidates were holding their breath and tears. Everyone in the hall was dazed by the suspense. The moment the numbers got in the candidates got covered in acclamations, hugs and flags. We also faced a premiere when Jeroen van Lent, the new Web Project Administrator, got elected by 99,09 percent of the votes – an ESN record.

    The current and beloved board members engaged us in a touching competition of who will shed a tear first… – official report of the 2017 Erasmus Student Network AGM


    There are probably some Hogarthian grotesques out there who imagine British art should be made by “British artists”

    I know, right?

    For most of my life I have voted Labour, but I was taught socialism was international.

    Thanks comrade! So let’s outsource our pretentious art twat requirements to China.

    When we leave Europe, British artists should prepare to be added to the list of undesirables.

    If Theresa May herds them all into the Tate Modern and hires Ray Fiennes to dress up as a nazi and randomly shoot the likes of Grayson Perry I will definitely complain to my MP.

  5. “What Starkey omitted from this Ladybird book version of British history is that that rupture with Rome led to the destruction of medieval British culture and the dissolution of the monasteries.”

    I thought all of that was undertaken by an English king and his chancellor; no Europeans involved at all.

    “I voted Remain cos I learnt History in a British comprehemsive.”

  6. Perhaps it means that, without the civilusing, intelligent influence of Europe, we Brits will go back the the Iron Age.

  7. I was an Erasmus student – I spent an extra year to get my degree to spend a year in France. I learned:

    To speak French reasonably well. I have since forgotten most of it as the language is useless in the international IT industry.

    I learned just how obnoxious the French can be, even when they are not trying to be obnoxious.

    The French have bad food. The worst restaurant I have ever been in with regards to food hygiene, cleanliness and food quality was the INSA Lyon student cafeteria. Disgusting. And fraudulent as the beef they served was actually horse. I spent half a year eating horse meat. Not that I really cared, but still, fraud is a fraud.

    Europeans are not our brothers and sisters in arms. The French tolerated the foreign Erasmus students as they wanted to send their own students abroad. They made very little effort to get us involved with classes and coursework. The foreign students are pretty much left to themselves. No prizes for guessing which language we all spoke to each other.

    For students in France, MacDonalds is your friend when the country goes on strike. Pretty much the only place you can obtain a meal and a beer at a reasonable price.

    Anyway, enough about Erasmus…..

    Perhaps British artists should spend less time worry about how to sponge a living off EU grants and more time producing art worthy of the name. Artists used to earn a living from commissions. Nowadays, it seems they earn a living by filling in application forms.

  8. ” Local authorities facing huge bills for social care are looking to their assets to fill funding gaps. ”

    I guarantee that none of those supposedly impoverished councils haven’t cut a penny from their diversity and equality budgets.

    And here’s the real meat:

    ” In our arts organisations, theatres, museums, galleries and universities there is deep sense of foreboding. If Brexit is delivered it will undoubtedly shift the nature of our culture in a way that is deeply worrying.”

    They’re shit-scared that their nice, taxpayer funded, leftist agit-prop schemes are coming to an end.

  9. All this sort of sob story really illustrates is how much the EU has wormed its way into our national life.

    Project Fear is essentially the claim that, over the past 25 years, the establishment has been slowly robbing us of even the choice over this country’s future. If we believe the Graun etc, then there’s almost nothing that hasn’t been predicated on ongoing EU membership, with no thought over what that might entail.

  10. Bloke in Wiltshire

    “In our arts organisations, theatres, museums, galleries and universities there is deep sense of foreboding. If Brexit is delivered it will undoubtedly shift the nature of our culture in a way that is deeply worrying.”

    But none of this is “our culture”. Someone putting up a painting of elephant poo or a photo collage of Myra Hindley isn’t our culture. It’s just agitprop bubble bullshit that would disappear very quickly if it wasn’t taking money from poor people playing the lottery. The X Factor, Mr Robot and La La Land are our culture.

  11. Bob & Roberta are one and the same, I believe. I wonder on what sort of timescale (s)he morphs from one to the other.

  12. My own favourite British artists are Elton John and David Bowie.

    Mind you, I can imagine Bowie going in for all that poncy foreign crap. So I’m not sure what we should conclude from all this.

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