So let’s start a real conspiracy theory

Macron’s campaign released their own internal emails in order to obfuscate the supposed release of his Cayman Islands bank account.

Anyone want to top that?

14 thoughts on “So let’s start a real conspiracy theory”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I feel that a good conspiracy at this point should involve Freemasons. Maybe Zionists.

    The election is too close (in time) for the Cayman Island bank accounts to have much of an impact.

  2. What you’ve given is pretty much the standard Austrian view of recessions. Booms lead to malinvestment, busts happen to purge it. But that’s the boom. I said specifically that tax cuts lead to recessions.

    Don’t forget, there are plenty out there who would refuse to believe that tax cuts will lead to booms.

  3. The general argument is that imbalanced tax cuts that lead to excessive capital investments is a driving force behind recessions. Is there someone who has done work in this area that is worth by time?

    In this theory the tax cuts lead to a boom that precedes the bust. If we effectively balance the tax cuts between supply and demand then we don’t get the same second order issues. It’s so simple I’m sure it’s wrong. I just have no clue why that is.

  4. I was hoping the “Russian hacking” angle was because they were desperate, but you’re probably right, Tim. It seems sure that the French will vote for demographic suicide tomorrow.

  5. The French have a choice between two lefties.

    Mr Micron is an EUphile, immigrationphile, establishment conservative (which by our lights is left wing).

    Ms Le Pen is an antiEU, anti-immigration, anti-establishment protectionist with a desire for heaps of the usual French socialism.

    I could believe that it’s a less disastrous choice than Hellary/Trump but even that is not certain.

    P.S. The winner in the US turned out to be Hellary Trump, so it might be that the French winner will be Marine Micron, but that seems very unlikely.

  6. Who benefits if Macron wins and then the Cayman bank accounts turn out to be true and he really has been criminally tax avoiding and money laundering ?

  7. @Mr Rocket
    Presidential immunity. It’s generally why French politicians are so keen to be president.

  8. BiS,

    cheers for that (weak is my google fu today), so he gets immunity from questioning/prosecution but the statute of limitations is suspended for the duration.

    9GB of data is quite a big dump, presumably only Macron will know if some vital piece is missing, perhaps a piece big enough to provide ‘influence’ over certain policy decisions.

    Let’s face it, 5 eyes knows the entire contents of that server along with the French, German, Russian and Chinese security services (plus whoever is bugging those buggers), there is probably nothing much in those emails apart from the tittle-tattle of party acolytes.

  9. If the ‘hacking’ (assuming it wasn’t an inside job) was done at the behest of the Kremlin, wouldn’t it have been better to release the dump a week or so ago, to give the press time to pick out the best bits?

    The French press would, as is traditional, have studiously ignored it, but the rest of us might have been interested.

  10. Doubt the Macron Cayman story is true. A Rothschild banker would have used a Liechtenstein stichtung to open the Cayman account.

  11. The Meissen Bison

    Stiftung – it’s clear that AlexM has never been to Vaduz.

    Drop his surveillance now, HMRC goons, and concentrate on the new tuberous tax havens instead!

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