So no change in France then

Socialist Enarque is President….

17 thoughts on “So no change in France then”

  1. When do the state prosecutors start examining the emails?

    Never, because Macron is “one of us”.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I blame misogynists. They had a chance to shatter that glass ceiling and they let sexism get in their way.


  3. I’ll give Macron his due, he’s not hiding anything with his theme tune – written by a German bloke and used as the anthem of the “United Team of Germany” as well as the EU.

    “As East Germany had introduced its own national anthem in 1949, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 melody to Schiller’s Ode an die Freude (“Ode to Joy“) was played for winning German athletes as a compromise.”

  4. “Was this France’s last chance?”

    No perhaps not.

    Consider that a few years ago they were such Euro suckers that LePen would have poled–what–single figures if that. Now one third plus. OK it has taken 20 outrages in 2 years to start waking them up but they are a perverse crew. The fact is that they ARE waking up. Perhaps Absinthe hangovers take longer to shake off.

    The scum of the French left have put in a Granny’s boy nancy whose hobby seems to be collecting pictures of young men in their underpants. He is a creature of the EU and an active traitor as the theme caper shows. Who is enmired in financial and personal scandal on his first day.

    There is no way that the native French will not put this freakish phantom out on his arse within a few years.

    The danger is that the Dindustan Express– which is helping to generate the end of the EU– will provide voter numbers to defeat the native French. I would calculate that dear imported friends might be a reason that Marclown didn’t do worse.

    The RoP and Subsahara must lose the vote in Europe.

  5. The first sentence of that second paragraph is up there with “Corbyn looks like he smells slightly of piss”, Ecksy.

    A thread winner.

  6. “When do the state prosecutors start examining the emails?”

    Is there anything in the e-mails? I thought the 4chan stuff was quite different from the emails, and most of the people named on the 4chan documents have called them fake [Mandy Rice-Davies applies].

  7. Ah, the Obama candidate won!

    Given the American interference in the election, there will naturally be a re-run, with Macron excluded.

    I’m getting the hang of this at last!


  8. SE,
    You say he’s socialist. Murphy calls him neoliberal. The BBC takes the two competing views, even though one of them comes from a certifiable lunatic, and averages them to “centrist”.

  9. bloke in france

    The international socialist beats the national socialist.
    Yawn, go back to sleep.

  10. The danger is that the Dindustan Express– which is helping to generate the end of the EU– will provide voter numbers to defeat the native French.

    In that case, the French will go straight to civil war.

  11. I think you’re all being terribly unfair to M. Macaroon. I, for one, believe he will immediately and effectively set about the massive economic realignment required by the French economy. Definitely. Absolutely no doubt about it. Erm…

  12. bloke in france

    He’s got an account in Obama, but what about the account in Bahamas? Was it all photoshopped? By whom? Why so late?

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