So, those Ukip election results

Retaining not a seat of those counted so far in the locals.

Looks like Nigel was right. We’ve won, time to go home and do something else.

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  1. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    I had a UKIP councillor; he switched to the tories and UKIP didn’t field a replacement. The Lincolnshire Independents didn’t field a candidate, nor the Fibers, so it was a two way race between Tories and Labour.

    Hardly worth the effort getting to the polling station.

  2. The shame is that it’s too early. We still need UKIP to hold May’s feet to the fire over Brexit and we definitely need a party that will oppose all the Global Warming bollocks as well as loudly denouncing the nanny state crap like the sugar tax.

    Unfortunately, UKIP has proven that it isn’t that party.

    Maybe they should go for a broadcast calling for repeal of the Climate Change Act on the grounds that wrecking our energy infrastructure won’t change the climate one little bit but will cost us a fortune.

    And they could do another slamming the sugar tax as collective punishment on us all just because the government doesn’t like fatties.

    Sadly, they still wouldn’t get any seats since the UK population seems quite happy to accept any amount of stupidity from it’s leaders.

  3. Kevin B,

    What we need is a Real Conservative Party.

    [I have just received the election leaflet from the local MP, couldn’t even print the thing in a decent Tory blue, instead it’s in a yellowy-green ink that is presumably designed to look as much like the opposition in these parts as possible. Which may be a good tactic in this constituency but hardly gives me cause to vote with confidence.]

  4. Watching the French election debate the other night, I was struck by how much Marine Le Pen doesn’t actually seem to want to win. She enjoys being outside the tent and pissing in. Echoes of UKIP: they don’t actually want power, they just want to do one thing then go home. Le Pen doesn’t even want to do one thing.

  5. Bloke in Wiltshire


    “What we need is a Real Conservative Party.”

    The Conservatives are heading that way. There’s been a boost in membership of ex-UKIP members and May’s much less of a milquetoast than Cameron and very much in touch with what the public want. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it’ll come…

  6. You lot are deluded. The Tories will shaft you as soon as they think they can get away with it.

  7. bloke in france

    Andrew M
    Both the socialists and UMP / Republicans have thrown their toys out of the pram. No candidate selected unless they promise to fight President (probably Macron) to the last ditch.

    So the pres can bomb a few Syrian villagers but the basic stuff, like getting a budget through the Assembly, will be very very hard.

    Who’d want to be Pres in those circs. France is fvcked.

  8. BiW: Mr Lud is at least half-right.

    May is well-off, middle-class, cultural Marxist, London Bubble , BluLabour scum.

    She has decided on Brexit as her way to Glory however. If everyone who votes Tory writes one–just one– letter or email to Dodgy St telling her that her arse will be set on fire if she tries any BluLab treachery then that should do the trick as far as Brexit goes.

    While we are at it the rest of her antics–tyrannical laws and doing fuckall to stop the Dindustan Express could also be denounced in the letter.

    That really would put the wind up the CM cow.

  9. UKIP was probably finished once the referendum was won, and even more so once Article 50 was invoked. But they might still have had a future if they had had some talent in the ranks, and if they managed to do a skilful job of repositioning themselves. The problem was that as soon as Farage left it rapidly became apparent how incompetent, hopeless and divided the rest of them were.

  10. Kevin, how does having UKIP councillors in local councils affect the PM?

    djc – now is your time to start one.

  11. Well Martin, apart from a half decent showing by UKIP in the locals sending a ‘we’re not dead yet’ message to Mrs May, they could attempt to stop local councils from spending our money on Climate Change Bollocks and Obesity outreach co-ordinators.

  12. Kevin – perhaps they should stand a bunch of MPs in the general election. You know, people able to stand up in the house of commons and hold the PM to account. Rather than councillors who do not.

    Getting councils to stop spending money on daft things – that’s why people vote Conservative. Think you are confusing them with labour.

    Mr Lud – perhaps when they have been in power 50 years or so? In the meantime they appear not to have done so despite having at one point 18 years in power in a row and more recently 7 years in power in a row. Perhaps you are thinking of a different party? Begins with the letter G.

  13. “Getting councils to stop spending money on daft things – that’s why people vote Conservative. Think you are confusing them with labour.”

    I don’t think he is. Most Conservative councils are little different from (non-loony) Labour councils.

  14. Perhaps UKIP failed to get the message out that they were still needed.
    Heck, until I saw the mayor choices on the voting paper at the polling station I didn’t realise anyone other than Labour and Conservative were standing. No leaflets, no one at the door except those 2 parties.
    Very little on social media, very little in the local press about them.
    Perhaps with the moving on of the personality the party was built around there is little interest?
    Or perhaps they were saving all their effort for the general election.

  15. Martin, you’re confusing the Tories being in office with their being in power.

    Ask yourself this: has any Tory ministry, ever, so fundamentally and apparently irrevocably reordered the entire life of the nation as did that colossus Atlee and his Labour administration?

  16. Johannes L Pretorius

    Brexit is now a done deal, only the mundane details to be worked out in the next two years.UKIP is like a male black widow spider, it done its job and is ready to devoured.

  17. It was county council elections last week. There are still 300+ UKIP councillors in district councils that weren’t having elections.

  18. Corvus Umbranox

    UKIP had ten months to redefine itself post-referendum. It could have spent that time laying out its vision for Brexit, along with some other sensible policies like scrapping HS2 and reducing foreign aid.

    Instead it wasted them on leadership contests, fist fights, internal manoeuvres and defections, an appallingly bad by-election and a botched anti-Islam policy launch. At no point did it consult its grass roots or councillors in any way.

    I was one of the 300+, but I’ve given up, I’m serving my last year out as an Independent.

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