So, we get to jail Alan Sugar, so we?

Corbyn, you’re fired! Former Labour peer Lord Sugar says he will vote for Theresa May in the General Election

Ah, no, sensibly, that’s not quite what he does say:

Lord Sugar has thrown his support behind Theresa May by declaring that ‘I’d vote for her’ to be Prime Minister.

‘Coz he’s a member of the House of Lords and thus doesn’t have a vote in a parliamentary election.

Not that the election does vote for her to be PM but…

2 thoughts on “So, we get to jail Alan Sugar, so we?”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    He said: ‘Militants, Trots, anti-Semites and terrorist sympathisers all seem to have been welcomed into Labour with open arms.’

    He added: ‘Under Corbyn, the lunatics have truly taken over the asylum.’

    Hard to argue with Lord Sugar there.

    Theresa May can’t afford too much complacency though. We don’t want price controls, we want immigration controls.

    We don’t want some obscenely complicated “deal” with the EU, we want out of the EU.

    This isn’t the 90’s anymore. Half-arsed Blairite triangulation isn’t going to cut the mustard.

  2. We also don’t want her Nanny-Internet shite either.

    We need Brexit put into action and then to turn on the bitch. Put our boots to her in short order.

    At the moment she is surfing the Brexit wave. Which is where animal guile has landed her. Sort of like Adolf 1940. But–like Adolf– she is stupid, arrogant and incompetent and the mistakes will come thick and fast from now on. A Chinese-style Internet takeover being the first of many.

    She needs to be the first British PM to be jailed. Perhaps by extending the definition of terrorism to include oppression by political scum.That would be a suitable end to her career and a suitable warning to the rest of them.

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