So, wonder how this will work?

Fines for businesses that pay their staff high wages and a business levy on profits

If the workers aren’t getting the fruits of their labour then it must be the capitalists who do.

Oh wait, what? This is in the Labour manifesto?

20 thoughts on “So, wonder how this will work?”

  1. You’re overlooking a third group, Tim, politicians and the low-value-adding staff who will be paid to enforce all this micro-management bollocks. They’ll allocate a fair few of those fruits for themselves.

    I propose the Labour mascot for this election should be that old Harry Enfield character, “Naaaaoooow, you don’t want to be doing it like that!” Although Loadsamoney is an ironically strong alternative.

  2. The choice between Labour’s rubbish, Tiny Tim Farron and Edward Heath in bloomers is not hugely appealing, it has to be said.

  3. Charlie

    The choice between Labour’s rubbish, Tiny Tim Farron and Edward Heath in bloomers is not hugely appealing, it has to be said.


    I’m with Ecks on this one. At this particular point in time, May has one crucial job to do – which is leave the European Union. In that one respect, we are relying on her not being Edward Heath in bloomers.

    Once that is completed, there will be another general election.

  4. Pay your workers nice high wages and the Treasury gets all that nice juicy 40% income tax…. AND an additional slice on top of it.

  5. Why do they have to use the word “fines”?

    If they argued for a small increase in tax rates, or a lowering of the thresholds, there’d barely be a mutter. But dress it up in the language of punishment and it sounds like they’re actively discouraging hard work.

    Similarly for railways: if they said “franchises will be managed by state” rather than “we will nationalise the railways”, they wouldn’t scare the horses half as much.

    Is it too much to ask to have a competent opposition?

  6. Memories of Micheal Foot and the longest suicide note in history loom large. They’ve all gone entirely Caracas haven’t they?

    You have to ask is Corbyn really that thick, or is he a Tory stooge?

  7. PF: hopefully the next GE will be after the boundary review; it’s important to kick the bastards when they’re down.

  8. “You have to ask is Corbyn really that thick, or is he a Tory stooge?”

    My pet theory is that he’s actually a MI5 operative. Recruited in the 70s when Reds under the Bed were the bogey man du jour. He was right in among that, ideal to pass on info on the movers and shakers. Then he got elected MP, and Mrs T and Ronnie won the Cold War so his handlers got him to cosy up to the other UK State enemy, the IRA. That worked fine, until the Good Friday Agreement. But hurrah, the Islamists hove into view and guess who JC was straight into conversing with?

    All going swimmingly until he got elected leader of Labour, entirely by accident. Standing for leader was good Leftist cover, no-one gave him a prayer, but bang! there he was leader of the Official Opposition. Slight problem now, can’t have an operative potentially becoming PM (which would not be out of the realms of possibility if the leader of the Opposition wasn’t behaving totally incompetently) so the order goes out ‘Do everything you can to NOT get elected. In fact run the Left into the ground, and then you can resign with honour’.

    To me its the only explanation that makes sense, no-one is really as incompetent as JC has been over the last 18 months. You can’t have made such stupid PR messes by accident, and said the things he’s said in interviews if you were actually trying to win. The only thing that makes sense is if he’s actively trying to sabotage his own chances.

  9. Jim, the other explanation is that he woke up the morning after being elected leader of the party he has voted against all his life and thought “Shit! What have I done?”

  10. From the manifesto: “the average duel fuel household energy bill remains below £1000 per year”.
    I look forward to gas versus electricity at dawn with swords.

  11. My guess is that Corbyn is trying to lose a lot of seats. His main concern is ensuring the next leadership contest is able to have a far left candidate nominated. That requires reducing the denominator of total labour mps and increasing the numerator with ultra safe seat leftists.

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