He opens by condemning his own behaviour in using a company to lower his income tax bills and national insurance.

It goes downhill from there.

Not that he tells us all that he abused the tax system in this manner.

7 thoughts on “Spud on Sky”

  1. he seems to have stopped sucking up to the SNP recently – maybe it’s finally penetrated his granite skull that he won’t get a peerage from a party that doesn’t nominate

  2. His logic is as impeccable as it is erroneous. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about,

    He also seems to think that if the gubermint doesn’t get it’s grubby little fingers on 4 billion pounds then it will disappear and bring no benefits to the economy whatsoever, when we all know the efficiency with which it will be spent if it is ‘consumed’ as taxes.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Best watched with the sound turned off.

    On the one side you have a reasonably spruce and alert-looking bloke with a backdrop of “The City” while on the other you have a puffy-faced lump of suet slouched in chair against a background of Ikea shelving thinly populated with unread books nicked from the library.

    I give it to the blue corner.

  4. I watched this yesterday evening with great glee, watching Spud try to think on his feet whilst being grilled by someone who knew what they were talking about, and simply talking himself further into a corner until right at the end when his opponent is given the last word and effectively calls him an idiot.


  5. “tax subsidy for investment” – the mind boggles. He really must believe that all our (not his, of course) money belongs to the state.

    He is, of course, wrong about taxation – as a small (90+% retired) business I can use “cash-accounting” so I *already* get 100% first-year allowance on capital spending except on motor vehicles. Is there any limit to his ignorance? [Yes, I am fully aware that my last sentence is plagiarised, but it seemed appropriate.]

  6. Pcar – thanks.

    I can’t believe Murf got away with portraying that as anything like one balanced side of an argument – Sky need to up their game.

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