Spudder, Spudder

The Conservative Party manifesto contains the following chilling paragraph:

The British public deserves to have confidence in our democracy. We will legislate to ensure that a form of identification must be presented before voting, to reform postal voting and to improve other aspects of the elections process to ensure that our elections are the most secure in the world. We will retain the traditional method of voting by pencil and paper, and tackle every aspect of electoral fraud.

Three things. First there are only two forms of photo ID in the UK. They are passports and driving licences.

The Death Of Democracy!

Philip Strauss says:
May 19 2017 at 10:40 am
It doesn’t say photo ID, it just says identification.

Richard Murphy says:
May 19 2017 at 10:45 am
That’s not how anyone has interpreted it


Myself I think it’s more likely to be yet another attempt to run out ID cards at which point they can fuck right off of course.

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  1. ‘Chilling’. When Hitler (sorry to Godwin) signs the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, that’s ‘chilling’. Said it before, these twats can’t help overstating their case. Average people aren’t geniuses but they also aren’t that stupid and they don’t like being taken for fools.

  2. I have an OAP Bus Pass with my photo on which I use as Photo ID and when I was at work I had a security pass with my photo on which also sufficed.

  3. If it’s that chilling, when will be the protests outside the embassies of France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the rest who all have voter ID laws and consider it to be totally normal, and think it frankly bizarre that the UK and US don’t?

  4. Just a spot of wild imagining. We could RFID chip every voter and at the end of every street have 2 archways with TV screens over them detailing the decision, you simply walk thru and bingo

  5. Won’t happen because it would also have to apply to all of our dear imported friends and Dress Up doesn’t like upsetting them one little bit.

    If the stupid hag wants to revive the ID card caper then let the war begin.

    As soon as Brexit is on of course.

    The best outcome for the us all is to use her to get Brexit and then put our boots to the silly leftist cow. Use her for our own ends and then put her down just as she is trying to coat-tail our desire to be rid of the Euroscum to boost herself.

  6. “Myself I think it’s more likely to be yet another attempt to run out ID cards at which point they can fuck right off of course. ”
    They are always tempted, aren’t they? But they won’t get a full ID card out in this term based on the manifesto. Too big, too different.
    I’m guessing the Northern Ireland system or something very similar will be rolled out across GB. Tried and tested and cheap. Good for the job for which it was designed.
    And, since most people will not need the card – already having a form of photo-id – it won’t be part of a slippery slope either.

  7. Bloke in Wiltshire

    I’d like to see postal voting massively curtailed. As in, you have to justify why you need one (e.g. infirmity).

  8. ID cards are not mentioned in the Tory manifesto, so a Tory goverment couldn’t get it by the vermine in the upper house.

    Voter ID is long overdue. Spud and other leftists hate the idea because they believe it will cut turn out in their client groups – the parasitic classes.

  9. Yep, naked party political stuff from Spud dressed up in borrowed robes of “a threat to democracy”. Methinks he doth protest too much, but nothing new there.

  10. Anyway, all this from a man who wants the government to tax, and thus know about, every transaction through your bank account.


  11. The problem with Labour’s ID card wasn’t the card but the database and the fact that a passport served exactly the same function

    I wouldn’t be against a passport card as the US has had for years and Ireland introduced recently.

  12. As a pledge it gives the left the chance to play their favourite game of imitating the Americans. It’s a hot button topic over there, so it must be here as well. We’ll probably see lots of comparisons between the Tories and the Republicans.

    Another example of people caring more about American politics than those of their “fellow Europeans” is brewing.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    The problem with ID cards was that they were to be compulsory but a civil offence not to have one. So not only could you be denied services for not having one you could be fined as well.

    Voter IDs, I presume, will be voluntary and if you don’t have one the only thing you lose is the right to vote. I don’t have a problem with that as a first order requirement. Let’s see the legislation before giving it any more than a qualified OK.

  14. What you need is a secure database that contains the photo and your electoral ward – nothing else. No name, no address, no phone number, nothing.

    Then when you turn up at the voting station face recognition software identifies you and says ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

    Of course, if any 4-letter government agency was to use those photos as a link into all their other records, they could (horror!) figure out what electoral ward you lived in as well. But then, they’ve already got those databases and that face recognition software and cameras on every street corner and in every shop, and (from a technology point of view) they can already do that anyway. If that’s what you’re worried about, you’re already too late.

  15. The Inimitable Steve

    I’d just ban postal voting. If you’re not able to get to a polling place, that’s too bad. You’re not allowed to do jury service by post either. Yes, unfair to the enfeebled, people overseas etc. but… so what?

    As for ID, a passport, driving licence or a utility bill should suffice.

    Dunno if Mrs May is stupid enough to revive ID cards but I suspect she has enough on her plate as is.

  16. I have several IDs I can use when applying for a mortgage. Used to have 3 photo IDs I could use though generally one was in use so could not be presented. Blue badge….
    The ID requirements for that locally are higher than to sell on amazon!

  17. “the only thing you lose is the right to vote”

    They still have the right to vote. Just need to bring an ID.

  18. Mr Ecks

    I’m not understanding “Dress Up”. I mean I know who you are referring to, but how do you get to “Dress Up”?

  19. When some Labour crook was Home Secretary and planning to bring in compulsion to carry an ID card at all times I was still doing some cross-country running (but not swimming). The idea was obviously ridiculous – I never took my driving licence to a x-country race: if the police wanted to see it they could wait until I had a bath and walked round to the local police station – but the woman obviously never took exercise or wore a bikini so she did not think about how stupid she was.
    Taking ID, such as Arthur Dent’s bus pass, or a bank card, or a signed library card, or … to a polling station to stop some fraudster stealing your vote is not comparable to having to pin your ID card to a mud-soaked running vest or a bikini.

  20. Eric Pickles says utility bill would be fine. In fact would increase turnout as people wouldn’t think they needed a polling card.

  21. Bloke in Costa Rica

    TIS is right: it’s the rampant abuse of postal voting that needs curtailing (especially in Labour wards that are basically outposts of Lahore, and corrupt as hell).

  22. “Another example of people caring more about American politics than those of their “fellow Europeans” is brewing.”

    Indeed. I mean, looking towards the Europe that they lionise might require them to actually speak a foreign language and learn how things work there, whereas looking towards the US, they can just adopt whatever position the HuffPo tells them to.

    I often have fun asking them why it would be so inconceivably bad to bring the NHS more in line with the French, German, Belgian or Dutch systems. Turns out they are totally unaware that those countries have insurance-based systems of various types. The most fun one was a FB comment along the lines of “if I have to pay for a doctor I’ll move to France”, to which I repiled “You’ll get a nice surprise first time you go see a doctor then, cos you’re not going to qualify for ‘la sociale'”.

  23. ‘The British public deserves to have confidence in our democracy.’

    No they don’t. They deserve what they vote for.

    ‘There are well-dressed foolish ideas just as there are well-dressed fools.’ – Chamfort

  24. “Eric Pickles says utility bill would be fine. In fact would increase turnout as people wouldn’t think they needed a polling card.”

    You don’t need your polling card, as I found out in the local elections.

  25. A voter ID card would be a useful exercise in estimating how many people are actually in the UK. I don’t think the government have a clue how many people are here but they set policies as if they do.

  26. We need ID to vote in Canada. Usually I just show my driving license.

    So far we don’t have a totalitarian government, as hard as the Liberals might be trying to impose one.

  27. I am wondering if any of the Europeans can clue me in on this one.

    We saw pictures of the French voting over here, and I swear I saw a voter ID card of some sort in the hand of one voter.

    So, what sort of ID do they require in France?

  28. In France, voters are required to prove their identity. In conurbations with more than 5000 inhabitants, an identification document must be shown.

    This is standard practice in European countries; where I live (Finland) it just says that the voters must be identified reliably, and reliable means usually photo ID (passport, EU id card, and driving license will do even if it is not officially an identity document here).

    In my voting area, I used to know personally one of the regular election officials. She always waived me through, just crossing my name on the pre-printed eligible voter list taken from civil registry. She was a leftist twat but a likable and honest twat at that, and I trusted her to do an honest job as much as she did trust me to be who I am.

    No Hitlers have emerged recently, and even local Guardianistas are quite happy with voter ID requirements (presumably, because it is so easy for their imported voter base to get legitimate documentation.)

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