That’s a lot really, isn’t it?

Intelligence officers have identified 23,000 jihadist extremists living in Britain as potential terrorist attackers, it emerged yesterday.

The scale of the challenge facing the police and security services was disclosed by Whitehall sources after criticism that multiple opportunities to stop the Manchester bomber had been missed.

About 3,000 people from the total group are judged to pose a threat and are under investigation or active monitoring in 500 operations being run by police and intelligence services. The 20,000 others have featured in previous inquiries and are categorised as posing a “residual risk”.

39 thoughts on “That’s a lot really, isn’t it?”

  1. It seems like a lot to me, when most bombers have been under surveillance and are not currently when they do the dirty deed.

    But I come back to the underlying problem. Violent Jihad is merely the sharp end of Dawa and the objective of the imposition of Sharia law has many different branches working for it. Islam is not merely a religion, it is supremacist and it is working hard in many subtle (and unsubtle) ways to destroy Europe.

  2. Schrödinger’s Terrorists, they are simultaneously “a lot”, and “not a lot” it depends on whether we are debating how much tax we should be paying to fund the police or immigration.

  3. This is like letting 23000 active and dangerous Nazis into your country, and giving them money. We should be proud of our governments for their tolerance.

  4. It’s almost like this is a problem that can’t be solved by individual surveillance.

    It’s almost as if these people need to go back.

  5. There can be no victory over bearded murder without victory over the left.

    The ranks of top bluebottles are rotten with CM stooges.

    Under the rule of Bliar thro’ Camoron and Dress Up that is how you got to be a top copper. Sucking up to the Senior branch of cultural Marxism —anti-racism—- ie anti-white hatred. A large part of which is kow tow-ing to the RoP.

    Those set to battle terror are, at the top (which is where it matters), themselves useless and chicken-hearted creatures of the very leftist creed that has set us up for all the trouble in the first place.

    Indeed the British Army of the Montgomery-Massingberd era was willing and well-prepared to serve the nations interests compared to the shower under the Home Office and Dress Up May today.

  6. Interestingly, the larger figure is on the order of 1% of the Muslim population of the UK (about 3m nowadays).

    That’s significantly more than the participating (active and practical supporting) membership of the republican terrorist movements back in the Troubles.

  7. With 23000 jihadi nut jobs on the loose, why does plod have time to investigate so-called on-line hate crimes? Assaulting or racially abusing someone in the street is one thing, but people ridiculing Islam or calling Muslims terrorists on line really should be below littering or parking on the pavement in terms of justice system priority.

  8. DocBud: Folks like Eoin O’Duffy and Sean Russell were as bad as say, moderate Muslims? I don’t think anyone reasonable can believe that.

    Obviously, those who were involved in the Marxist takeover of the IRA should all be put into woodchippers.

  9. I’d reluctantly go along with Paul Rain on the relative merits of the Paddy’s versus the ragheads. I’ve known & listened to a couple of people were involved in the “struggle”. From what they’ve said, the “cause” closest to the minds of most of the players was personal power & what they could personally gain. The politics was more of an excuse than a reason.
    The ragheads are far worse. They’re mostly believers, at least at the cannon fodder level. There’s nothing worse than believers, be they Islamic terrorists or messianic flower arrangers. Any means justifies the end & no price is too high to pay. For god/the great chrysanthemum is on their side.

  10. “That’s significantly more than the participating (active and practical supporting) membership of the republican terrorist movements back in the Troubles.”

    As with Irish republican terrorists, so with RoP terrorists: there are many in both communities who sympathise with the terrorists. I remember some Irish colleagues saying that they didn’t agree with the IRA’s methods but understood “where the terrorists are coming from”. Weak and weaselly words masking sympathy with moral equivocation.

  11. With 23000 jihadi nut jobs on the loose, why does plod have time to investigate so-called on-line hate crimes?

    Jihadists aren’t the problem: our wonderful leaders all have 24/7 police protection. It is *us* who are the problem, hence the police priorities.

  12. Seems to me that this is one of the worst aspects of the fawning on Islam thing (“Mo was a great bloke,” etc etc): it actively encourages those in the fringe of sympathisers.

    “S/he’s saying we’re basically right, so…”

    And all of those who are fully committed to their struggle were once just sympathisers.

  13. Right, so some easy wins present themselves. Of the 23,000:
    – How many do not yet have citizenship? Ship them out
    – How many have dual nationality? Ship them out

    If we don’t take simple basic steps like this now, we are gonna see the rise of a proper far-right movement within the next parliament.

  14. Gary Taylor,

    Or we could put Alfredo Astiz in charge of our counter jihadi nut jobs operation and they could all be taken on one way helicopter excursions over the Atlantic.

  15. South Georgia would make a good British Guantanamo Bay. Would probably have the added bonus of pissing off the Argies too.

  16. I wonder how many of them have connections to jihadis the UK, USA, etc have supported abroad to tip over regimes ‘we’ don’t like.

  17. South Georgia with boats and enough fuel to make it to Argentina. But only one boat in say ten seaworthy.

  18. “Folks like Eoin O’Duffy and Sean Russell were as bad as say, moderate Muslims? I don’t think anyone reasonable can believe that.”

    Sean Russell was a Nazi sympathizer. He received explosives training in Nazi Germany, with a view to attacking British targets, but fortunately died in 1940 on the Nazi vessel taking him back to Ireland. O’Duffy, on the other hand, accepted the Anglo-irish Treaty but his anti-communist Catholicism led him to support Franco and to offer the Nazis men to fight on the Russian front. In short, Sean Russell was every bit as bad as a jihadist; but O’Duffy wasn’t

  19. Start throwing pig blood on the sidewalks coming out of Mosques.

    Put Abedi’s remains in jars of pig urine. (I’m against cruel and unusual punishment. But you can’t commit C&UP against the dead.)

    Turn England into Pig Nation. They’ll leave.

  20. So the enemy has infiltrated about 2 divisions of its “infantry” that we can identify into the country, which means probably several more divisions that we haven’t yet identified. And this isn’t an invasion.

  21. South Georgia would make a good British Guantanamo Bay.

    Somebody on Twitter suggested the Falkland Islands, and the Falkland Islands tweeted back: “no thanks”.

  22. West Falkland.

    I mean, as far as any of us are concerned there is no population in the Falklands, but there is really almost nobody on West Falkland.

    And, the buggers can see the lights of the metropolis of Goose Green from their miserable cells.

  23. Bloke in Costa Rica

    23,000 is a ridiculous number. Ridiculously low. The true number is 30–40% of the current population. Call it a million in round numbers. That’s the proportion that are Islamic supremacists—the soft Jihadists. They might not be active terrorist supporters yet, but they’re not inimical to them either. They’re the “sea” in which Mao’s “fish” swim.

    Islam really is a terrifyingly evil religion. It’s up there with the Aztecs and Moloch-worship.

  24. And this is just one religion, what is the total number if you add in all the extremist, terrorist nut jobs from all the other major religions?

  25. Is the answer then to increase state surveillance?

    After all, no one could complain about the state doing nothing, except, of course: The State Can Watch Us Piss horror.

    If there are 23,000 (it’s surprising you support this ‘fact’ when ridicule all others) already here They should be target, which means an erosion to individuals’ rights.

    Not all Muslims are jihadis, the fight to rid the UK of them stems from public anger, regardless of creed. Being angry at the government could justify martial law (by extrapolation).

    To even consider that all muslims dream of global conquest is pathetic paranoia.

  26. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Islam calls for world domination. The proportion of Moslems who take that injunction seriously and want to see it implemented is around the 400–500 million mark. It’s hard to credit that a work as evil and deranged as the Koran should have that sort of hold over so many people, but it does. They are the real enemy, with the active jihadists merely in the vanguard of what a great many of them wish to see happen.

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