The Czechs have this free speech thing right

This is the moment a brave 16-year-old Girl Scout stood up against a Neo-Nazi demonstrator at a rally in the Czech Republic.
Lucie Myslíková, from the city of Brno, attended a march in the city on May Day along with eight of her fellow Girl Scouts with the aim of walking alongside far-right demonstrators to try and drown out their message.
At one point she was approached by a shaved-headed man before getting into what she called a ‘sharp talk’ about national identity, immigration and refugees.

This is normal on May Day. In Usti nad Labem they always get the remnants of the Sudeten Deutchland Party (or whatever they call themselves) coming down from Dresden. All 15 of them.

The teen and her friends joined several hundred protesters during the counter-demonstration, with local reports suggesting they vastly outnumbered the right-wing marchers.
Activists were told not to block the marches, but to walk alongside them singing, dancing and playing instruments in order to drown them out.

Yep, no one even dreams of trying to stop them marching. Ach, Jo, it’s free speech innit? You have an absolute right to march. As do we and those massive numbers of police over there are to make sure that everyone does get to march.

At which point they’ve got it absolutely right and correct. They don’t have to agree with the speech of others, don’t have to approve of it but they’ve most certainly got to tolerate it. Which they do.


14 thoughts on “The Czechs have this free speech thing right”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    Quite so. And it’s why the police were defending the British Union of Fascists during the Battle of Cable Street.

  2. I do get annoyed with the press’s continued mis-labelling of National Socialists as right-wing.

    If we’re being kind, we could assume they don’t know any better, although any journalist worth their salt should.

  3. They’re just carrying on the Stalinist propaganda – “right-wight” was Cuddly Uncle Joe’s favourite insult for anyone who disagreed with him. Trotsky was denounced as “right-wing” FFS.

  4. As “capitalism” was Marx’s epithet for free enterprise.

    The ctrl-left controls the language.

  5. The BBC had a full article on all these instances where women have bravely faced down the mob. In every instance the mob was white. There might be a reason for that.

  6. Nice of you chaps to make clear which of you support the Nazis in this.

    The anti-Nazi protestors didn’t go far enough. Don’t just sing and dance, play football too. That way not only can you not hear the Nazis’ slogans, but when they stick their arms up in the air everyone will think they’re just appealing for offside.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    Excuse me, Dave, but even you can see that there is quite a difference between supporting the Nazis and supporting the Nazis right to have a voice, right? I mean, even you can grasp that. Right?

  8. Hmm. By drowning them out rather than engaging in dialogue? That’s one way of looking at it, I suppose.

  9. there is quite a difference between supporting the Nazis and supporting the Nazis right to have a voice

    Reminds me of the hypocrisy when the BNP qualified for a national party political broadcast: “No free speech for fascists” had a delightful irony.

  10. @Dave

    The thing about free speech is that it allows idiots to express their idiocy. Thus helping us identify the idiots, such as Nazis and various other socialists. It’s quite handy.

    Sorry to be mean, but this is a prime example of expressed idiocy: “Nice of you chaps to make clear which of you support the Nazis in this.”

  11. Bet your last money that the Sudeten Deutchland Party’s event prep checklist includes contacting the Girl Scouts.

    This is the Streisand Effect. So predictable. The Girl Scouts are tools. Easily manipulated.

    I was riding my moto out in the county a few months ago and came across a parade of about 10 trucks, sporting Confederate flags and – I forget exactly what – stuff that made me think neo-Nazi or Klan.

    No one else was around. No one was paying attention. Nobody cared. It wasn’t in the paper the next day. It wasn’t on TV. Except for me and a few other people, no one knows it even happened.

    Ignore the Sudeten Deutchland Party. It will destroy them.

  12. I’m a minarchist libertarian, and almost everyone ignores me. But I’m still, er, here.


    Big fan of sunlight as a disinfectant. Far from sure ignoring undesirables has the same effect.

  13. “Far from sure ignoring undesirables has the same effect.”

    Without Lucie Myslíková, if that’s her real name, there is no story.

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    The problem is that these neo-Nazis do have a point. Ethnically cleansing the Germans from the Sudentenland was morally wrong. It was the stepping stone to Stalinism that meant the Czechs were kidnapped from the West and forced to play nice with the barbarians in Moscow.

    It morally compromised the West too.

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