They’ll be after tartan golf slacks next

It’s not every day that I get drawn into a debate over whether Bob Marley stole his hairstyle from the pharaohs, and the rights and wrongs of Lionel Shriver’s sombrero. But 2017 is shaping up to be that kind of year. The kind remembered, I hope, as a time when advertisers finally woke up to fact that cultural appropriation – as in ripping off long-stigmatised cultures without giving them due credit – is not going to end well for their brands.

Because, you know, Highland Scots really were oppressed.

As to the actual complaints, this one is amusing:

There was Shea Moisture, a brand that readers who don’t have afro hair probably hadn’t heard of until it was in the news for infuriating its core consumer base.

These curl smoothies devotees – a group in which I include myself – had been quietly turning Shea Moisture from a small, family business into a lucrative global brand, only to see themselves erased from its image once the company decided to raise its profile. Last month it unveiled an ad featuring three white women and one black woman whose long hair was atypical of most with afro hair. “We really f-ed this one up,” the company later admitted, pulling the ad.
It may have been too little, too late. One prominent African American woman tweeted:

Black women built SheaMoisture. And not the “I was teased for having good hair” Black women. Black women will take it right on down too.

Do, the woman in the ad who didn’t really have black hair:

Our tweeting correspondent:

Umm, yeah.

19 thoughts on “They’ll be after tartan golf slacks next”

  1. On the contributor

    ‘Her book Brit(ish) will be published in September by Jonathan Cape’

    Based on this my concern is the mischievous acquaintance of Murphy who has bought me ‘The Curajus State’, ‘The Joy of Tax’ and ‘Dirty Secrets’ by Murphy might consider buying me this as well…

  2. The only response to accusations of cultural appropriation is ‘fuck off’.

    Although one might argue it is better not to respond at all.

  3. How many transgender angels can dance on the head of a pin? We investigate the latest and most important issues.

  4. A friend once told me she spent an hour a day everyday straightening her hair. I just was totally boggled about that time invested, and yeah she was melanin challenged and had known her for 10 years and never thought i could tease people for having good hair.

  5. They’ll take it down by not using the best product?

    How will that actually help them? Not only will their hair be worse, but they will also make others have the same problem.

    I suspect that, like Apple, the boycotters will be more bluster than action.

  6. The only response to accusations of cultural appropriation is ‘fuck off’.

    Or you could just ask if they are ready to criticize Wynton Marsalis or Seiji Ozawa for appropriating the music of dead white Europeans.

    How about the appropriation of the sport of basketball by seven foot tall black dudes? Basketball was invented by Canadian-American white dude Dr. James Naismith.

    And what’s with all those Latin types playing baseball?

    How about Barack Obama in a suit and tie? I’m pretty sure the button down shirt, silk tie and three piece suit didn’t originate in Nigeria.

  7. “is not going to end well for their brands.”

    Yeah cos just MILLIONS of people give a shit about the fuckwit “opinions” of SJW scum.

    Arrogant cretins.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    That title…
    golf slacks

    I hope Messrs Gamecock and DtP won’t object to their word for trousers being pressed into service.

  9. Where’s my Robertson’s golly, mum? I threw it out as a symbol of cultural appropriation

  10. Black owned business grows successfully by targeting 13% of the potential market.

    Having reached market saturation those black entrepreneurs decide to gain market share with the other 87% of Americans that might potentially by product, if it wasn’t marketed as just for blacks.

    The public’s response, cultural appropriation and public shaming. Once again The Man™ is hard at work keeping black people who don’t want to be on the dole down. Pho-liberals, the best thing to happen to people with darker skin since the KKK.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Costa Rica – “Pho-liberals? Are those liberals enamoured of Thai noodles?”

    Vietnamese noodles please. Those enamoured of the Thai would be Pad-liberals.

    Thailand might be quite popular among Liberals these days seeing they have a new sexually liberated HIV-positive King. Although making his wife eat out of a dog bowl while wearing a dog collar and little else, might not go down too well. Then again, it might.

    (Actually I am sure RdJ will point out that the “pad” does not refer to the noodles but to the frying. However a Khanom-chin-liberal is just taking the joke too far)

  12. Someone better have a word with all those West Indians, Indian, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis then, they’ve expropriated the culture of shepherds on the Hampshire downs. No more cricket for you chaps, thats whitey’s game!

    Personally I’d like to see some SJW tell Viv Richards that his life’s achievements had culturally appropriated the white mans sport, it would be worth televising.

  13. Actually, on topic, is this not a good case of ‘all publicity is good publicity’? The 87% of the public who knew nothing about Shea Moisture may now have heard of it, and as the complainants are about as whiny as vinegar will ignore them and think ‘Hey whats this new hair stuff, is it any good, I better try me some!’ Resulting in massive sales increases and profits all round?

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