Umm, yes, I know, but really?

This modern world – sing language interpreter at a rap concert?

Well, umm, OK, but, umm…..

10 thoughts on “Umm, yes, I know, but really?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Sign? Singing might be unexpected at a rap concert.

    They could hire that South African guy to do it. He seemed to get the emotions across if nothing else.

  2. An appropriate typo, if I may say so, never having been able to endure more than 10 seconds of rap at any one time.

  3. What’s sign language for “pop a cap in his ass?” That’s just about all you need, and “muthafucka” of course.

  4. You should set up some emoji-style signs Tim –so that our posts can be followed by those who can’t read.

    V I V I V I you all. So to speak.

  5. Once or twice a year the Royal Opera House does a performance with a DSL signer working away at the side of the stage. It must be difficult for deaf people to keep looking from her to the Surtitles above the stage and back again.

    It probably qualifies you for a government grant from somewhere. I know that ROH will do anything to grab more money.

    Still, it’s a difficult job. The one I saw was signing Turandot and since Puccini liked lots of percussion in his oriental operas the orchestra had overflowed the pit and there were a large drum and a huge cymbal in a box right next to the poor interpreter. If she wasn’t deaf already, she might have had the odd problem afterwards.

    Mind you, I would like to see someone signing one of Verdi’s more complicated ensembles; say the quartet from Rigoletto or the act II finale of La Traviata.

  6. I’m just thinking of a signer trying the Hallelujah Chorus….

    Or at a higher level, the Muppets Manamana…

  7. Have seen the Hallelujah chorus signed by 4 BSL interpreters. Introduced themselves first as what they were signing – alto etc.
    Quite impressive to watch especially when words are extended.

    More expressive than English and accent counts too.

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