Wembley Stadium one third full for FA cup final

And that’s after children were let in free.


With children admitted free, the national stadium teemed with families and a feeling of fun coursed through the stands for the showpiece event of the women’s game in England. The same feeling surged through the veins of Manchester City Women, the undisputed best women’s team in the land, who swaggered and then strolled their way to a memorable victory.

Birmingham City Ladies always knew they were in for a tough game against the star-studded City, but they cannot have expected it to have been as painful as this. City tore them apart in a devastating 15-minute spell in the first half, and then displayed the sort of arrogance and control that Pep Guardiola has so desperately tried to instil in their male counterparts.

Not that the one-sided nature of the final put a dampener on too many of the 35,000 fans who streamed into Wembley.

The reason female footballers get paid less than male is?

19 thoughts on “Wembley Stadium one third full for FA cup final”

  1. Actually that’s a decent crowd.

    Twenty years ago you’d have had to pay people to go.

  2. “…and then displayed the sort of arrogance and control that Pep Guardiola has so desperately tried to instil in their male counterparts.”

    But I thought women’s footie was supposed to be different, not the same?

  3. Kids may have paid £0, but that’s not the end of it. I imagine the adult prices were a lot lower than for a men’s final. The caterers probably sold less food & drink per capita than for a men’s event.

  4. “The reason female footballers get paid less than male is?”

    I think I can help you there, Tim.

  5. This was the Ladies cup final. Wembley will only be full when you have the real Queens on the pitch, rolling about and clutching their ankles.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Who wants to go and see some lesbians waddle around the pitch pretending to play football?

    Men are only interested in women if they think they might get laid. Hence no one watches women’s football.

  7. There’s also the fact it was a rout. Regardless of who gets to the mens final, you know there’s going to be a half decent game, all the players will be up for it, especially if they are from a lower league position team, its their one shot at glory. Yes we all know that Arsenal will beat Hull (for example) 8 or 9 times out of 10, but there’s always the chance today might be the 1 time Hull turn the tables. This doesn’t happen with womens sport. There’s too few decent players for there to be any semblance of competition between the best and the rest. In mens the difference between no 1 and no 100 isn’t that much. In womens sport its the Grand Canyon.

  8. Women’s sport is mostly shit. The BBC has been on some sort of course to promote it – the 5Live sports panel now always has a woman on it, plus someone who doesn’t play sport in a wheelchair but I digress, and I heard a big interview the other day about how the ECB wants women’s one day internationals given the same funding and attention as men’s. The day that their quick bowlers can top 70mph and their batters can get the ball into the top row of the Mound Stand, give me a bell. But watching slow, weak people is no fun. And don’t get me started on rugby. My niece plays for her county – she got into the side pretty much overnight, which says something about the standard, and now informs me and her dad (who have played and watched for decades) about the finer points. It’s like they get an injection of You Go Girl overconfidence, and it’s actually quite sad, because it sets them up to make fools of themselves (not that we tell her that, but someone will).

  9. Alec Bedser Calypso

    Ah, you’re learning how to make the clickbait headlines where women’s sport is disguised as sport. These have become so frequent since last year in outlets like the BBC that it’s clear that it’s policy and not just subeditorial whim.

    After laughing at wasting the time of the stupid men who clicked on “England beats France” and are exposed to some diverse sport for a change, the next part of the game, I suspect, is that the BBC will count all those clicks as representing a genuine and up to now underserved grassroots interest in women’s sport.

  10. The Inimitable Steve

    I’ve watched a few women’s games. They’re painfully slow, have worse ball control than Caitlyn Jenner, and are less entertaining to watch than the Scottish League 2.

    Sepp Blatter got stick for his suggestion they wear cute short-shorts to drum up more interest, so how about smaller pitches? It’d negate their lack of speed and put more emphasis on dribbling, passing, tackling and shooting.

  11. David in Michigan

    Soccer, as we here call it…… GOOOAL. Kick it here, run, kick it back, run, fall down, bounce off head, kick it here, kick it there, run, run, kick it out of bounds.. After 20 minutes someone finally tries, and fails, to make a goal. An hour later, score 1-0. Children love the excitement. I’d rather watch Curling than soccer. But I’m sure that women playing is a special thrill …. much more…. exciting ……….zzzzzzzzzz.

    Rugby should be the international sport, not soccer.

  12. I have enjoyed watching Women’s beach volleyball on several occasions.

    I can’t tell you what the score was. Nor do I care . But it was entertaining.

  13. I like watching women’s golf. Til there’s no one left on Sunday but chunky Asians.

    There are some super Asian women players, like Minjee Lee and So Yeon Ryu, but they aren’t always in contention.

  14. I watched a bit of the womens’s world cup rugby.
    Basic tactic: kick the ball in the air, not very far.
    Receiver drops the ball. Surely if you’re selected to play for your country you can cathch a ball! Knock on. Some trouts with knockers get a scrum in the opponents’ half.
    Rinse and repeat.
    Switched off after that.

  15. Women’s sport is going to get a bit better in the future when the top echelons are filled with Caitlins.

    The women’s world cup might reach third div. standards, mostly because the teams will be full of third div players changing for gold.

  16. https://akinokure.blogspot.com/2015/06/tranny-fakeness-revealed-by-bruce.html

    Everybody’s cracking jokes about the name because it’s so ridiculously young for a 65 year-old. There was a Caitlin in my grade, but she was ahead of the curve; it’s a distinctly Millennial name (so is anything with -lynn or -line).

    If Bruce wanted to pass as authentic, why not choose some Boomer name like Brenda or Barbara? I’ll bet he was thinking of Briana, another distinctly Millennial name, but thought better of making his new name sound too similar to the old one.

    If he had always truly felt as though he were female, he would’ve chosen a secret female name way back in the day, and it would necessarily sound old all these years later. But he picked “Caitlyn” yesterday, not when he was a kid.

    For all we know, he’s been cycling through secret female names for decades, swapping out the old ones according to fashion — Chrissy Jenner in the ’80s, Lauren Jenner in the ’90s, Ashley Jenner in the 2000s, and now Caitlyn Jenner. What a pathetically unconvincing fraud and weirdo.

  17. I watched some ladies football for a bit. I couldn’t work out why it was being shown in slow motion, until I realised it was actually women playing not men. Much, much slower than the men’s game.

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