Who will notice?

Fairfax on strike!

Journalists at Fairfax Media have voted to go on strike for seven days – including the crucial federal budget week – after management announced a quarter of all newsroom jobs were to be cut.

It’s a declining industry.

Sure, this is the US but won’t be that much different in direction:

What’s anyone supposed to do about it?

18 thoughts on “Who will notice?”

  1. Wasn’t it the Grauniad who ran a piece arguing that all broadband connections should be taxed to subsidise the dead tree media?

  2. It’s a rational decision in that they don’t know who is getting cut and industrial action may slow down the process and give staff a heads up that they will be chosen, thus giving time to deal with a personal redundancy.

    They might be right about it being harder to produce quality journalism with less but it appears the market doesn’t value it highly so who’d ‘invest in journalism’ there.

    Plus did you spot someone arguing that ‘they can’t cut their way to quality’? That isn’t what they are trying to cut to…..

  3. Wasn’t it the Grauniad who ran a piece arguing that all should be taxed to subsidise the dead tree media?

    Edited for clarity.

  4. I wonder what happened in 1964 (ish) – about 15,000 jobs disappear then reappear again.

    Ooh, look, the genesis of a new Kennedy conspiracy theory.

  5. What is anyone supposed to do? Swallow it. Technologies, industries, rise and fall. Media companies were massively overmanned well past the 1990s and, in Britain at least, most of them are now beginning to operate at realistic, though probably not sustainable, levels. American media has cut jobs but news still appears; the same is Australia and here. It’s been fun, but it’ll be over soon in the West. We don’t have the right to a place in our chosen careers.

  6. Rob Harries,

    But was it just ‘newspapers’? While that might have been the stated purpose of the article, it struck me at the time how ‘kite flying’ by the Guardian on behalf of their cow-irkers (sic) at the BBC and the demise of their TV-tax revenue stream wouldn’t look any different.

  7. Oh no. Lying leftist propaganda pukes hit the pavement.

    What kind of reward is that for all their years of hard work on behalf of tyranny and evil?

  8. Interesting that the number of workers is not much below 1950s levels. Given the huge technological advances in newspapers, you’d expect them to be able to produce the same output with much fewer people than the ’50s.

    And newspapers were much more important then, before the telly got going.

    So the real question is, why did newspaper employment increase so much in the 1980s, when the television was taking over from the papers as people’s main source of news?

  9. “We don’t have the right to a place in our chosen careers.”

    Very true, but it’s still a thought that makes people shiver.

  10. Bloke in Wiltshire

    “They might be right about it being harder to produce quality journalism with less…”

    But most of it is copypasta and garbage. And if someone actually found something scandalous, why would they bother with newspapers? If you found out that Ronco was making a Kitten Stomper to sell to Saudi Arabia, you’d just scan the document and post them somewhere anonymously. Twitter or Facebook will just carry it around.

  11. http://ocean.otr.usm.edu/~w304644/ch9.html

    Is interesting for the early sixties blip, which seems to be down to;

    Consolidation in the metro areas, some 100+ day strikes affecting the larger circulation papers and the adoption of web offset printing (which could be operated by non-union labour) and early computerisation, plus competition from TV for advertising.

  12. We’ve managed to cut our editorial budget by 50% without laying off a single journalist. We simply hire near-illiterate morons who will work for nothing (mainly City University graduates, natch) http://bit.ly/28MXRR2

  13. Generally Annoyed

    You don’t say! People who decided in the 70’s that their opinions were universally correct and anyone who disagreed was a neanderthal lost subscribers and had to lay people off? How tragic…

    Seems eerily similar to the current attitude on the left side of the aisle in the US.

  14. Striking in protest at being sacked due to technological advances?

    How did that go for the dockers when containerisation was implemented?

  15. Whoa, that’s steep – 2008 to 2011. Anyone working in an industry that does that has my sympathy.

    But, I agree, I can’t think of anything we can do about it.

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