Why is this a surprise?

Labour’s draft manifesto includes more than 100 policies demanded by trade unions that are bankrolling its election campaign, The Telegraph can reveal.

A secret list of policies requested by unions obtained by this newspaper reveals huge areas of overlap with party’s plan for government.

Whole chunks of Labour’s leaked manifesto appear to have been almost copied and pasted from proposals put forward by unions.

The unions pay for the Labour Party. Why shouldn’t they determine policy?

4 thoughts on “Why is this a surprise?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    They’re trying to turn a man bites dog story into something to fill the gaps. Labour is the political wing of the unions, always has been, and nobody will be surprised by this.

    It would only have been a newsworthy story if Labour, especially under Corbyn, had rejected 100 of those policies.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The Conservatives are likely to have a big enough majority to cut Labour off at the knees if they so choose. By forcing a fresh postal ballot every time they wanted to make any executive decision (with a quorum provision), you could cripple them. It would be a fairly popular move, too.

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