All quite true Mr Lammy

But if you are on the 22nd floor of a tower block, the state literally has your life in its hands. It is the state that told you to stay put in the case of a fire. It is the state that failed to install working fire alarms. It is the state that you rely on to come up the stairwell to save you and your family from a burning building.

And given that state’s obvious incompetence we should be trying to change that power it holds over people, shouldn’t we?

Like, reduce it?

32 thoughts on “All quite true Mr Lammy”

  1. Just as the Fourth Reich’s every failure requires more Europe, so every failure of state regulation requires more state regulation.

  2. “What this public inquiry will not do is bring anybody to justice. Justice for the victims and their families can come about only as a result of the criminal investigation…”

    Doesn’t he mean ‘a criminal investigation’..?

  3. “The inquiry will face an uphill struggle in overcoming the deep mistrust of authority that is felt within the community since the fire. “

    ‘…which I, David Lammy MP, have been feeding by giving credence to every daft conspiracy theory or allegation raised by the hysterics capitalising on this disaster.’

  4. There is no monolithic state. Hell, the fire regs seem to depend on some combination of HMG and the EU, whereas:

    “It is the state that told you to stay put in the case of a fire.”
    Kensington and Chelsea I assume.

    “It is the state that failed to install working fire alarms.” Either K&C or the tenant management organisation.

    “It is the state that you rely on to come up the stairwell to save you and your family from a burning building.” I take it that the Fire Brigade is London-wide?

  5. +1 to dearieme

    Replacing “the state” by “other people and organisations”, and perhaps throwing in dependency on your neighbours not to wreck the joint or block the fire exits with junk or set the whole place ablaze, this is actually a very good (well-written and pointed) explanation of why I never want to be living in the upper floors of a tower block, in fact in a tower block at all.

  6. The state holds sway in lots of areas because few can afford to pay for private provision after paying the thieving taxes taken supposedly to pay for the state’s crappy services.

    The state DIDN’T come up the stairwell to save you when the chips were down because the state had already put you into a deathtrap from which you couldn’t be saved.

    Why are the Tories not out there refuting this kind of socialist ordure on a daily basis? Because half of them are full of the same state-sucking shite that’s why.

  7. I quite enjoy Lammy’s double-think, or un self-conscious hypocrisy. He says that MPs should not interfere with the judiciary and that outcry against the Supreme Court as “enemies of the people” was a lowpoint in British democracy while spending most of his article on his doubts about the calibre and integrity and general lack of “citizen smithness” of the person leading the enquiry

  8. One adverse consequence of the Grenfell fire is it seems to have breathed life over the embers of this buffoon’s political career. Arguably one of the least talented MPs to hold office since franchise reform (Although the intakes since 1997 are in general considered the worst in history), and elected solely on the grounds of his ethnicity, he would not know how to construct a coherent argument if one walked up and grabbed him forcefully by the throat. A Cameronesque putdown, from someone like Priti Patel, telling him to calm down would seem to be in order, post haste, forcing him perhaps to reveal his thinly veiled racism towards non blacks….

  9. The Meissen Bison

    David Lammy is not just stupid – vide his showing on “Celebrity” Mastermind, he is so stupid that he doesn’t know how stupid he is and presents himself (with much support from an overweening ego) as someone who deserves to be thought clever.

    John Humphreys: What was the married name of the scientists Marie and Pierre who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903 for their research into radiation?

    David Lammy: Antoinette.

  10. Followed by:

    John Humphreys: When King Henry the Eighth died, who succeeded him on the throne of England?

    David Lammy (after a pause for thought) : Henry the Seventh.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    stephen – “David Lammy (after a pause for thought) : Henry the Seventh.”

    No. You are joking right? That can’t be true?

  12. In defence of Mr Lammy, judging someone’s intelligence when they are in an environment artificially designed to turn brains to mush, and based on a relatively small sample of questions involving factoid-retention rather than e.g. problem-solving or logical reasoning, is less than holistic. (But I can’t deny, it was funny.)

  13. The Meissen Bison

    MBE: In defence of Mr Lammy…

    He wasn’t coerced into appearing on the show and the rules and format were clearly established so one must assume that he thought he could perform well.

    He was wrong which you could describe as an error of judgement but I reckon that he was so completely, resoundingly wrong that one can reasonably call him deeply and profoundly stupid.

    After that public performance anyone with a degree of self-awareness would withdraw from public life and perhaps get a job in a library.

    Instead -as JuliaM has pointed out- he peddles conspiracy theories which can only serve to inflame a situation which is bad enough without his making it worse.

  14. MBE

    I was just scribbling about judgement, but TMB beat me to it.

    My favourite was:

    Humphreys: Which fortress was built in the 1370’s to defend one of the gates of Paris, and was later used as a state prison by Cardinal Richelieu?

    Lammy: Versailles.

    Thankfully, he didn’t actually say “the Palace of”. In fairness, maybe he still had Marie Antoinette on his mind.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    “It is the state that failed to install working fire alarms”

    I’m betting the State installed working fire alarms but the residents either kept setting them off and they got disabled or the residents broke the,

  16. He wasn’t coerced into appearing on the show and the rules and format were clearly established so one must assume that he thought he could perform well.

    And other slebs have said they were offered a crib sheet before appearing on the show.

  17. SMFS: no, so help me the buffoon who is innumerate to a Himalayan extent [but first-class degree, SOAS; LL M, Harvard; called to the bar, Lincoln’s Inn] really did say that. Seventh comes after eighth. It’s on Youtube: This also includes his claim that Cheddar is a blue cheese that traditionally accompanies port, which misunderstanding should be a hanging offence.

  18. stephen
    Most afros have a low IQ…it comes with the genes and single-parent family structure. Lammy is thick, and probably an educational quota-filler.

  19. Bloke in Costa Rica

    In addition to being immemorially thick, he’s one of the most punchable cunts in modern British politics. Just slime. I wouldn’t trust the stupid cunt to shit into a paper bag, he’s that fucking cretinous.

  20. BiCR
    Nothing anyone could ever say about that loathsome half-wit Lammy could compete with that spectacular invective of yours. Thanks.

  21. Saw this asshole at the count when he inherited Bernie Grant’s feifdom. Swaggering around with similarly tinted bunch of henchmen in shiny suits. He is, by all accounts, a nasty piece of work.
    Is he thick? Probably not. He’s just not interested in anything not central to his race’s culture.
    The Abbottpotamus probably isn’t particularly thick either. But like Lammey, she’s a professional black. She thinks that’s sufficient, in itself. And looking at their career paths, how can you argue with them?

  22. Bloke in Costa Rica

    No, sorry, if you can’t tell the difference between the Bastille and Versailles you’re thick as pigshit and have no business telling other people what to do. David Lammy should pull his arsehole over his head and sell himself as a jug handle. The twat.

  23. The Meissen Bison

    BiCR: you’ve certainly got to be at least a little bit thick not to know the difference between the Bastille and Versailles but you have to be stupendously moronic to go on a TV show where you’re going to be asked a series of dolly questions to which you don’t know the answers but where the entire audience scores better than you do.

  24. Lammy was browsing Twitter during a Commons debate in 2003 and saw a BBC news item about the chimney erected over the Sistine Chapel for the Papal conclave with the caption: “ Will smoke be black or white? ”

    Within seconds he tweeted: “This tweet from the BBC is crass and unnecessary. Do we really need silly innuendo about the race of the next Pope?”

    Yes really.

    & the electorate of Tottenham voted for this chump.

  25. Who tells you to stay put?

    I thought that was the current best advice of experts in these matters. Presumably a lot of firemen, coroners and the like.

    Not really “the state”, more like “society”.

    Obviously that advice needs to be reviewed now.

  26. @DaveC

    Would be surprised if the advice were to change, but no harm reviewing it. I fear a bigger problem will be people so distrustful of the advice after this disaster, that they leave a (for the time being) safe room before the fire + rescue people come and fetch them – which means they could be running into a corridor filled with toxic smoke, for all they know. It happens, unfortunately.

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