And here’s the leap

The charges were announced less than an hour after the news website published a top-secret document from the NSA that described Russian efforts to launch cyber attacks on at least one US voting software supplier and send “spear-phising” emails, or targeted emails that try to trick a recipient into clicking on a malicious link to steal data, to more than 100 local election officials days before the presidential election last November.


The Intercept’s reporting reveals new details behind the conclusion of US intelligence agencies that Russian intelligence services were seeking to infiltrate state voter registration systems as part of a broader effort to interfere in the election, discredit Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and help Mr Trump, the then Republican candidate, win the election.

The conclusion doesn’t follow from the evidence, does it? In fact, much more is being concluded than the evidence supports.

The evidence is that “someone Russian” launched spear phishing attacks. The conclusion is that ~Putin interfered to help Trump win. There’s a few steps being leapt over in that argument, no?


The intelligence assessment acknowledges that there is still a great deal of uncertainty over how successful the Russian operatives were and does not reach a conclusion about whether it affected the outcome of the election, in which Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton hinged on three closely contested states.

22 thoughts on “And here’s the leap”

  1. A lot of arrests need to follow rapidly. Because, were I Trump , hundreds of FBI,CIA,NSA and MSM (which might as well be an alphabet agency) would be under arrest for treason and sedition.

  2. As I understand it, they have identified the first high level leaker – with the ridiculous name of ‘Reality Winner’. Were I Trump, I would expedite a trial and throw the book at her. Ten years. The first thing this would do is hit ‘the resistance’ with a hard dose of reality (sic), that what they are doing is against the law and would shut down much of the problem. Then of course when the real high level ‘well know’ leaker is exposed (I am sure they know who they are) the Trump admin can quite reasonably say that they couldn’t possibly show preference for someone just because they were famous and well connected. I do wonder if Xi gave Trump a few pointers, having dealt with Bo Xi-lai et al…

  3. ‘Reality Winner”

    Why do I get the feeling the NSA and CIA are packed full to the brim of these people?

  4. The whole ‘Trump/ Russia’ story is BS, and has been made out of whole cloth by the Dems, their media supporters and their placemen in the federal bureaucracy. They just want to undermine the President and prevent him from carrying out his agenda.

  5. Well, it can’t possibly be Hillary’s fault she lost can it.
    Who knows, if enough Dems swallow this BS she might be the candidate next time.

  6. No reason to believe they intended to help Trump, INSTEAD of Hillary.

    No reason to believe any of it, actually.

  7. Even if they are right that summat was done, how do they know who did it and on whose behalf? Sounds like bollocks to me.

  8. Bloke in Wiltshire


    “Nate Silver has it that Comey’s letter in October probably swung the election against Clinton. Never mind the Russian Feds, it was the Septic Feds wot won it for Trump.”

    Hillary Clinton lost because she was Hillary Clinton, who behaved like Hillary Clinton. She’s dodgy as hell, managed to avoid anything sticking to her, and finally, it did. And at that point, for floating voters, all the stuff that you thought before was just noise from her opponents about cattle futures and Whitewater starts to look far more real.

  9. Everyone whose e-mail is on the web gets attempted phishing attacks. No reason why this should be an attempt at rigging the election rather than just the usual attempts to get hold of credit card data.

    Also it doesn’t say whether any of them fell for it. If they didn’t, then it can’t have influenced the election. If they did, it’s a sign of the incompetence of the average government employee.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    It is probably a racist thing to say but I can’t believe anyone called Reality Winner isn’t Black.

    Who wants to bet she will “transition” in prison?

  11. On reflection, I suspect that this dimwit has been set up. Somebody nasty has used her, and she’s going to go to jail for it.

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