It would take a driver’s base salary from £49,001 to £60,683 for the existing 35-hour, four-day week. Most of Southern’s drivers also work a fifth day as overtime, which tops up their pay by 25 per cent, taking the potential total pay to over £75,000.

That’s a pretty hefty pay package, isn’t it? Three times median wage in fact.

Shows the power of unions…….

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  1. Base salary. Do they not also get time-and-a-half for Saturdays, double-time for Sundays? Not to mention pensions, free season ticket, etc.

  2. Proposed base salary is about 35 quid an hour, based on a 47 week year.

    And aren’t we supposed to express this in multiples of nurses? Nurse base salary is what, 26k? And nursing is generally a degree-qualified post these days. So every driver costs 2.3 nurses.

  3. @abacab: Yes, but at least the driver isn’t sitting in the cab idly flicking through ‘Heat’ magazine while the passengers desperately try to get his attention, is he?

  4. Conveniently for the Left, that £75k figure is just short of Corbyn’s proposed £80k threshold for swingeing taxes.

  5. @JuliaM – Indeed. But then on the other hand, nurses don’t expect to go on permanent sick leave when they kill someone by accident.

  6. I anticipate this will be another “strike over safety” resolved by an enormous pay rise, just like all the others are.

    I’m amazed at the number of saps the BBC manages to find among commuters who support the strikers.

  7. “Shows the power of unions…….”

    Until they’re all replaced with robots. That day can’t come soon enough in my opinion.

  8. My prediction: the more train drivers earn, the faster support for them from the Guardianistas will drain away.

    The Left likes their clients poor, not earning far more than them.

  9. I understand that Labour will pay the interest on the bonds they’ll issue to renationalise the railways (when they acknowledge it exists) from the profits the railways will generate.

    Call me a cynic, but I’m not sure I can see John ‘General Strike’ McDonnell cutting down on these sorts of costs enough to make a profit, can you comrades?

  10. @Sliverite the system in Vancouver has been automated/driverless since it opened over 25 years ago, however, there is a sensible safety requirement that there be a certain number of staff on the system (not even one per station, automatic ticket machines so unattended stations) and that they be trained to manually drive a train in case there’s a problem, walk out on the tracks and recover the train. The unions successfully argued and won a case that they should be paid based on the fact that they can drive the trains even if most only do so enough to maintain minimum hours requirement for training, so pay is equivalent to a bus driver etc.. So even if there are robots the unions will still make sure people are paid, also see the case of ‘Train Captains’ on the automated London line

  11. BniC,

    > so pay is equivalent to a bus driver

    Dunno about Vancouver, but in London a bus driver earns about £24k base salary. It’s a tougher job than train driver, having to deal with passengers, traffic, cyclists, etc.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    My brother worked as a London bus driver for about 5 years. Really shit job, some of the people he had to deal with deserve a good kicking and that includes management.

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