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Comment of the Day

The Inimitable Steve

Not often you see rats joining a sinking ship.

10 thoughts on “Comment of the Day”

  1. Bit of a cliché, I ‘d have thought, but if it’s as new TOC you as ‘bloviate’ is to Ritchie, fair enough.

  2. You should have your own show, Steve.

    But my comment of the day is on Reddit “Dr Poo and the Turdis” to describe a portaloo. Everyone on this train to Inverness stared at the giggling Englishman.

  3. the Turdis

    That’s been fairly common military parlance since at least the early Telics. Probably for much longer – I was just fortunate enough, prior to that, not to be posted places where portaloos were sufficiently common.

  4. If Jeremy does better than Ed but worse than Theresa I suppose it might be holed but not necessarily sunk.

  5. Dave–The only hoary old chestnut around here is Jeremy “Grandpa Death” Corbyn himself. He likely keeps his nuts IN a chest for old times sake. Preserved in Vicks Vapo-rub.

    Pro Bono–Hoovers–unlike todays leftist dross– know how to suck it up.*

    * Since you are seemingly a euphemism expert and bon mot bon viveur you should be able to translate that into USpeak.

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