Czechs dress for the climate, not the weather

Something I’ve just noted. Cold summer’s day, rain and rain. OK, Central Europe etc. But they’re all still in shorts and t-shirts getting wet. And thinking about it, same in winter, they’re all out with coats, scarves, hats, gloves, even when it’s a decent warm day.

They’re dressing for the climate, not the weather.

Then, as has been said, we English are the only people who take weather seriously because we’re the only people who have it, everyone else does just have a climate.

19 thoughts on “Czechs dress for the climate, not the weather”

  1. “we English are the only people who take weather seriously”

    You obviously haven’t been to Newcastle on a Friday night.

  2. Except for down here, of course. Amount of Brits to be seen strolling around in shorts in February. This may be the Costa del Sol, but not in midwinter it’s not. We had snow on the coast, the last one.
    So it’s 6 degrees, a gale’s blowing but pale blue British knees abound.

  3. LPT, yes I recall a funny night there with a russian girl, who exclaimed to me in surprise; There are so many hookers here!

    In dublin at the moment, a raincoat is required no matter the climate….

  4. I should tell you that I often wear socks with sandals when in a hot country.

    The reason being my feet would get sunburn if not.

  5. I thought Japan had very similar weather/climate to the UK? Being on the meeting point of various maritime and continental weather systems?

  6. I depends what you call “dressing for the weather” — the temperature having dropped from the high 20s C to the teens over the past week, suddenly there were coats and jackets everywhere in what was perfectly mild T-shirt weather. I blame central heating, myself.

    Japan goes from the sub-tropical in the south to positively Siberian in the north, with snow lying many meters deep in winter, rather than being fairly uniformly dull and grey.

  7. Bloke no Longer in Austria because the Judge ordered him out

    I was in the south of Japan and found it rather close and humid even on a clear sunny day.

    Anyway Central Europeans. Rained today in Vienna, select few had umbrellas, but generally everyone still summer gear. It has been unpleasently hot in the last couple of days, but cooler now.

    I don’t think it’s climate so much as date. 1st November when the winter tyres are supposed to go on the car, the coats and scarves ( and bloody stupid bands that they were in their heads) come out. I used to look askance at these strange people at the tram stop, becauise I didn’t think it cold and would be dressed JUST IN MY PANTS !

  8. I’m not sure if I can comment on scantily-clad Czech bimbos until I see some photographic evidence.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    I still go by the old military calendar, in UK:

    1st April – shirt sleeve order, heating off.

    1st October – jumpers on, heating on.

    Weather had fuck all to do with it.

    Now I’m a civvy that also means shorts (in my case short shorts if I can buy them).

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Today it is bitterly cold: 22°C. A couple of days ago it was scorching: 29°C. I wish it would stick to a nice mild temperature like 25°C all year round instead of fluctuating so wildly all the time.

  11. Same here. We had an incredibly mild winter, one day last December it was 27C and while I was wandering around in shorts and t-shirts the locals all wearing sweaters and some even in jackets.

  12. “we English are the only people who take weather seriously”

    You haven’t lived in Colorado, Tim. A January day can be -5C sunny and still, in which case you’ll feel less cold that you would on a damp and grey January day in England. An hour later it could be -20C (-40C with the wind chill) and blizzarding, in which case the wrong choice in outdoor clothing can have dire consequences. I’ve seen a day in September when it was 27C when I went to bed and woke up the next morning to snow. People in this part of the world are obsessed with weather. They have an entire TV channel for it!

  13. ‘Merica eat up with weather information. TV and internet. I take it as proof that Americans are very interested in weather.

    I know I am. I have considered putting in my own weather station. A friend has one. Hmmm . . . I’m thinking I’ll do it now. I’ll ask him about how to do it when we play golf Tuesday.

    I’ve got to spend all this money before I return to dust.

  14. Ha, David Moore. I had a very similar experience. A Chinese girl and I went to the cinema (in Nottingham), as friends you see; anyway, she said ‘all these girls; what is their profession?’

    Jim, you’ve obviously never been to Japan. Proper seasons and you don’t want to go there in summer (this is also true for the UK but for the opposite reason),

    Nautical Nick; fuck off. I was told the exact same thing by teachers when I grew up in Scandinavia. What I wanted to do then and would want to do now is to punch them till they are bloody, then piss in their mouths. There certainly is such a thing as bad weather and -20C certainly qualifies.

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