Didn’t he say his prize money would be going to Grenfell Tower?

Whether it was the heat, the anticipation, or the sheer novelty of facing an Australian opponent so far out of left-field that he had to look him up on YouTube, Andy Murray crumpled on Tuesday night at Queen’s Club to a shocking straight-sets defeat that threw his credentials to win a third Wimbledon title this summer into serious doubt.

So, not much of that then.

4 thoughts on “Didn’t he say his prize money would be going to Grenfell Tower?”

  1. BiW

    That’s fascinating. They are not cheap.

    In addition to the point you are making, one might consider simple matters such as precedent and managing expectations. But also, as Tim likes to remind people: “incentives matter”…. (something Merkel famously ignored a couple of years ago).

    Cue Humphry: “is that wise, Minister”.

  2. OK, just seen Tim’s new thread, and I clearly missed this:

    The private flats in the block start at £1.5m, however the apartments that will rehouse the families are part of the 120 affordable homes being built alongside them.

    £150K per flat – in Kensington?

    The City of London Corporation is acquiring the 68 flats for around £10m as part of the response to the tragedy.

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