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Iran calls London terror attacks ‘a wake-up call’ urging West to pursue extremism’s root causes
The Independent – ‎15 minutes ago‎
Iran has said the London attacks were a “wake-up call” and urged Western states to go after ideological and financial sources of terrorism, state media reported,

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  1. Yesterday I looked at Katie Hopkins twitter account and noticed she had 756,000 followers. I just read her article for the Mail yesterday and wondered if she had picked up any new followers on the back of it. She has gained 10,000 in one day. We can see which way the wind is blowing. People are waking up but will the politicians. There is a great risk to them of another Brexit scenario, where the public get fed up being told what’s good for them and decide to take things into their own hands.

    Also CNN/BBC are now openly producing news not just reporting it

  2. Yes, it’s massive hypocrisy on the part of Iran but I’m going to give a point to Trump on this one.

    The Donald went to Saudi, talked about Islamic terrorism and called out Iran as a state sponsor. This is Iran saying “Yeah, but they do it too.” Whether there will be any change or not we shall see.

    I also think that the fact of his naming Islam as having the real problem with terror cleared the way for our own blessed St Theresa to be a bit more condemnatory about the muzzies and a bit less mealy mouthed.

    I also reckon that Trump’s pulling out of the Paris nonsense may give her a bit of a lead in knocking our own climate bollocks on the head.

    Mind you, I’ll still be voting UKIP on the grounds that they’re the only party with a half way sensible policy on immigration and energy.

  3. Saudi, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have just called Qatar out on sponsoring terrorists too. Wonder how this will play out. The main use of Qatar for me is to get cheap flights to Australia (due to state subsidies – a ploy to run the US airlines out of business – to which they have responded with this laptop ban when the “Muslim ban” didn’t work).

  4. Genuine question: which state spends more money on madrasas, mosques, and muftis in the west – Saudi Arabia or Iran? I was always under the impression that it was the Saudis.

  5. The moderate Muslims must be really annoyed with the terrorist Muslims. Because things were on track for Europe to gradually become a Muslim state ruled by Sharia law, by around mid-century, perhaps by 2075. But now the terrorists are drawing too much attention to Islam. If the result is that Muslims are banned from European countries then the slow-motion invasion will be derailed.

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    Kevin – +1

    The Donald is the only leader we have in major Western countries today (Poland, our Czech mates and Hungary seem pretty based too, but they’re not influential).

    I think he’s having a marvelous effect on stiffening the spines of the West. Future generations will build statues of him, beatifically tweeting in one hand while his other hand holds the wheelbarrow containing his massive titanium balls.

  7. Iran is right, Saudi salafists are a huge and current danger to global peace and prosperity. Iran simply isn’t in the same class. They are not interested in a worldwide caliphate, just regaining their position as the regional great power.

  8. Tel

    Exactly, although I’m not sure that “moderate” is quite the word I would use to describe the ambitions of the slow burners…

  9. Having spent a lot of time in countries where the Shia and the Sunni are very keen to kill each other, I have been waiting for a long time for the proxy war in the UK to break out.

    Iran is worried – once Israel is destroyed, it will be next.

  10. “Iran is worried – once Israel is destroyed, it will be next”


    If Israel goes, the world will have a bigger problem than Iran worrying whether it will be next!

  11. Social Justice Warrior

    When it comes to encouraging Islamic extremists in the West, Saudi Arabia is the biggest problem. But they pay us billions for the arms they threaten Shiite countries with, so we don’t say so.

    If May means what she says about the “preachers of hate” she needs to start by publishing the report into jihadi funding.

  12. “Exactly, although I’m not sure that “moderate” is quite the word I would use to describe the ambitions of the slow burners…”

    Yes, I should have put ‘moderate’ in scare quotes.

    And of course I was being very optimistic when I said “If the result is that Muslims are banned from European countries”… Assuming that Muslim immgrationm is going to continue mostly unchecked, shall we take bets on what year a Muslim party wins its first seat in the UK Parliament? By 2032?

  13. SJW…i think one of the reasons for not publishing the report into jihadi funding may be that a significant amount comes from fair fax county Virginia ( wonder if its ZIP code is Virginia 72?)

  14. One thing to bear in mind about the UAE is that when they decided to have mercenaries, instead of recruiting fellow Muslims Arab like Egyptians or Syrians. Or maybe just non Arab Muslims. They decided to recruit Colombians whose experience of fighting in jungles and mountains must be useful in the middle east.
    It is almost like they don’t trust their fellow believers.

  15. @Tel. First MP for a Muslim party already won a seat. Step forward Respect MP George Galloway. He got beaten next time but that’s not the point.

    The point is an “anti-Zionist” party ran to win Muslim votes in the most Muslim sense part of the country.

    The “independent” mob on Tower Hamlets council were on track as well until some grave poeple put their money where the state was too afraid to tread.

  16. *brave* people. If things go let much worse that sort of bravery may end up with people in graves.

  17. “The point is an “anti-Zionist” party ran to win Muslim votes in the most Muslim sense part of the country.”

    Which is why their vote needs to go. To stop just such kingmaking.

  18. “Exactly, although I’m not sure that “moderate” is quite the word I would use to describe the ambitions of the slow burners…”

    Well, that is what moderate muslims basically believe. The ‘perversion of Islam’ story out on all media today is sickening. Nobody of sufficient standing in public life has any guts.

  19. tomsmith

    Sure, I do get that, completely! No illusions here.

    I simply meant it’s not the word *I* would use…. (or many others for that matter, as you imply)

  20. Why the hell are Met Police aiding and abetting this act of forgery?

    Because they’re on the side of the “protestors”, who are reinforcing the government’s narrative.

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