Her gaff her rules

In a statement on Facebook, Grapes landlady Anna Slater wrote: “The owners of the Grapes would like to reiterate our policy on large, noisy groups in and outside the premises.

“We do not allow large noisy groups to dominate the pub and ruin everyone else’s evening. This includes stags, hens, political parties. It’s why we don’t show football.

“After last night the recently elected MP for Walton is barred. For life. Several others in his group are also excluded and we are reviewing CCTV of last night to identify you.”

She has an absolute right to such rules as well.

Now, if only the law allowed her to also decide about smoking in her gaff too……

13 thoughts on “Her gaff her rules”

  1. Maybe Facebook has a use and a point after all, despite being a channel by which – along with Twitter – mob rule will inevitably take over our society.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Mr Carden visited the pub on Saturday to celebrate his election victory with friends. He claims that while he they were in “high spirits”, neither he nor anyone in his party were responsible for any bad behaviour on the night.”

    Young officers are high spirited, other ranks have a drunken brawl. Both of which look the same to the unprejudiced eye.

  3. “Despite being lifelong Labour supporters, your party are not welcome in groups. Your behaviour was a disgrace and damaged a small, family-run business. Again.”

    Why on earth does a small family-run business support Labour, when they keep shafting them both as law-makers and as customers? (Probably because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have any customers in Liverpool.)

  4. Amazing coincidence that he worked with McKluskey, and then becomes an MP, and appears to be a political thug. Just a coincidence.

  5. Why does he address her as ‘dear Anna’ rather than “Mrs Slater”, the familiar little shit? My MP does the same, uninvited.

  6. He wrote: “Dear Anna, I have seen your post and I want to reassure you that me and my friends, while high spirited, were at pains to behave responsibly…”

    “Me and my friends”. Seriously? The man can’t even write decent English.

  7. I can see bricks going through her windows in the near future. Maybe that was what the “we are lifelong supporters” bit was aimed at avoiding.

  8. > Now, if only the law allowed her to decide about smoking in her gaff too…

    Chris Snowden picked up on this. In 2007, the ruling Labour party banned smoking in pubs. In their 2017 draft manifesto, he found <a href="the following gem:

    We will set up a National Review of Local Pubs to examine the causes for the large-scale demise of pubs

  9. ” (Probably because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have any customers in Liverpool.)”

    More likely they’d be driven out of business..

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