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I wouldn’t quite say that David Davis is Jesus, no, but

Brexit Secretary David Davis will demand a “deal like no other in history” as he heads to Brussels for day one of negotiations on the UK leaving the European Union.

This is therefore the song for the day:

18 thoughts on “I wouldn’t quite say that David Davis is Jesus, no, but”

  1. Oh dear.

    Davis: “I DEMAND…”

    EU: “FO”

    And “a deal like no other in history” sounds like it might be a close cousin of “interesting times”

    Good luck mate – you’ve got a year to get a deal from the EU when it usually takes them ten. You’ll need the last 6 months or so to get whatever deal ratified by the member states.

    I see much pain, or a version of “not actually leaving” or both.

  2. Or “leave” without “leaving” a la North.

    Fuck the EU. As ever the principle is “Attack the Attacker”. Match the scum 2 punches for every one of theirs.

    Good luck David Davies.

  3. He’s just got to have the guts to walk away if he doesn’t get the deal he wants; after all, the French have been doing it for decades.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    gareth: EU: “FO”

    Would that it would be that simple even if that’s what it will probably come to eventually.

    WTO terms should suit us well although a trade deal shouldn’t take more than ten minutes since we already have one.

    Ah, but the UK can’t be allowed to benefit from the current set-up because of the risk of “contagion”. In essence this means that the EU will seek terms that make trading arrangements across the piece less advantageous than they are now to discourage other member states from contemplating an exit of their own.

    Other member states need to be coerced into believing that EU membership is crucial to their well-being even when it isn’t?

    Some club!

  5. The Meissen Bison said: “Ah, but the UK can’t be allowed to benefit from the current set-up because of the risk of “contagion”. ”

    This is easily solved. The EU paints freedom of movement as beneficial. As a nation we have, with a heavy heart I am sure, accepted that we can do without that benefit. Members will have four freedoms, we can make do with just three or perhaps 2.5 (free trade covering some things but not fish & agriculture).

    [I am not the ‘gareth’ above.]

  6. DD is an MP. A representative of the People. He is ‘negotiating’ with a bunch of EU functionaries – i.e. bureaucrats. Why? If I were him I’d point that out minute 1 day 1.

    In any event they have no interest and no incentive to accommodate anything. In fact quite the reverse. They have every incentive to make Brexit as painful as possible – even if it disadvantages their own people – as a successful Brexit (which it will be whatever they do as being outside the sclerotic crony corporatist bureaucratic EU racket can only be A Good Thing) will undermine their whole authority and raison d’etre.

  7. Rob Moss- agree.
    The EU position is essentially a false one. “how can you have good free trade deal without the ‘obligitions’?” The answer is free trade deal is good for everyone so its its own justification and those ‘obligations’ should be benefits too which provide their own justification. If they’re not seen as benefits then bundling together with free trade works only as longs as people don’t realise that bundling them together is a con trick at the heart of it all. If he’s going to get one without the other, David Davies will have to find a way of levering up the eurocrat ribcage to expose it.

  8. I don’t know why, but I seem to have formed the opinion that amongst the Tories’ extensive stable of cunts, DD might be the only one not completely useless. No doubt entirely erroneously…

  9. Yes well that is bound to be true. No other country has ever decided it wants to be poor irrelevant 1950s theme park for thickos and their fat cheesy wotsit colored wives

  10. Seems to be getting worse? Most come to some sort of reconciliation (I don’t mean agreement), but this one looks committed to that broad reach heading straight for the rocks.



  11. NewRemainiac–Where’s your cheesy wife now Facepainter? Does she know you are wasting her expensive electrons posting your bullshit and noising abroad your treasonous nature for all to read? You’ll be getting a belt round the earhole and your facepainting kit taken off you.

  12. If the rEU attempts to screw the UK over DD needs to make it clear that he could make life very difficult for the rEU. Something along the lines of ‘Nice union you have here, same if something should happen to it’. I hope to goodness the British government has the common sense to be quietly, but publically opening talks with every separatist and independence movement on the continent. Let the EU mandarins know that we will arm every separatist group, religious freak and single issue nut job on the continent as part of promoting a belief in independence and freedom if we don’t get a fair deal. Once the officials know there is a worse thing than the risk of other nations following the UK if a fair deal is reached they will be a bit more reluctant to screw us over.

  13. Re:Daniel 0705pm

    Worked for the Virgin Queen

    She supported anyone against the King of Spain

    Worked again later against Napoleon

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