Illustrated by a picture of them marching through the searing desert heat wearing sandals

Murderers, gamblers and criminals on the run: French Foreign Legion soldiers were the toughest in the world and would march in 50C heat till their BOOTS filled with BLOOD

6 thoughts on “Illustrated by a picture of them marching through the searing desert heat wearing sandals”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well clearly the boots full of blood were in case they needed a quick drink later on.

    They were that tough.

  2. It is chilling to discover that […] recently a retired commander was arrested for making anti-Islam protests at Calais.

    Better not show him Twitter.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Ben S – “DM going in for retroactive historical snowflakery, pass ’em the smelling salts style?”

    It is a shame that the word “faggot” is too closely associated with homosexuality and its use is deemed homophobic. Because we need a word for gutless, spineless wonders like this.

    I suggest we adopt a term from one of this site’s favorite authors. So the Foreign Legion were not very nice to dark people? Grow a f**king pair dude. Stop being a total Owen.

  4. Marseilles is as forrin as you get these days.
    J M Le Pen must have been an officer. Enlisted French would go to regular regiments.
    The Legion has a proud history of losing every battle it has fought.
    Nevertheless lots of frogs claim falsely that they have served. When one bloke I hired threatened to kill me I phoned the Defence Ministry to try to get a handle on how serious was the threat. They replied tersely that he’d enlisted as a cook but had subsequently been dismissed.

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