I’m not sure I would define this as perversion to be honest

Seven young women sunbathing naked on a yacht are filmed by perverts who flew a drone over their boat in Spain

OK, it’s impolite, quite possibly an invasion of privacy (although how much of that are you due on the high seas?) and quite possibly many other things but I’m really not sure that an interest in naked young women is a perversion.

14 thoughts on “I’m not sure I would define this as perversion to be honest”

  1. “Once the police arrived, they mediated between the two sides and investigated whether the drone pilots had violated the young women’s privacy and if they had the correct licence to operate the drone.”

    So I’m guessing the answers were ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ respectively.

  2. Err. Drone pilot was 20m away. The ladies concerned appeared to be in a public place. Also given line of sight on a yacht is tonthe horizon letting some people come to 20m without getting dressed is surprising. I guess nakedness is ok but being filmed is the issue here. Some respect for women might be good but society has charged in the opposite direction.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Talking of yachts, arguably the biggest disaster yesterday was Sir Ben getting knocked out of the Americas Cup by the Kiwis.

  4. Having once being followed by a drone while walking across a large, empty carpark, it is an unsettling experience. I can see that if you were sunbathing naked in a place you thought was private it would be even more so.

  5. I’m old enough to remember when women sunbathing naked would be considered perverted.

    In fact, many people still do. Some would even kill them for it.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yes, Richard, that is indeed le mot juste. I could have an Ecksian rant about how the unholy alliance of 3rd wave feminists and old-fashioned prudes is now singing from the same hymn sheet but it’s all been said before.

  7. It might be interesting to know what kind of work the young women did
    And who owned the ‘yacht’.
    And was it the owner who complained.

  8. “Dispute at sea: The furious young women followed the alleged perverts back to port and reported them to the police (stock photo)”

    So the guys in the photo about perverts on a yacht aren’t involved.

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