Interesting theory

A controversial university study has come under fire for claiming that lesbian and bisexual attraction exists because ‘men think it’s hot’.
The offending report was published on Science Direct by Menelaos Apostolou, an assistant professor at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.
In his paper entitled ‘The evolution of female same-sex attraction: The male choice hypothesis’, Apostolous comes to the conclusion that same-sex attraction in women stems from male desire – all based on his poll of 1,509 men.
The academic went on to say in an interview that a ‘considerable proportion of men desire same-sex attractions in women’, which he cites as a ‘possible reason’ why women have them.

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  1. Lol, prime trolling. But as most research these days is political trolling, the Left can’t complain when others do it, though they will of course.

  2. One rarely comes across lesbian couples: for whatever reason there appear to be a lot more gays about than lesbians. And no, I don’t believe it is because lesbians tend to keep their head down more: lesbian websites and forums would be flourishing if that were the case. On the odd occasion one does come across a lesbian couple they are about as erotic as a pair of dungarees and Birkenstocks can be. But I do know one genuine, full-on, long-term lesbian couple both of whom are young and considerably attractive.

  3. If it was due to men, then it would be just drop dead gorgeous bisexual women. Don’t think many men get off on two obese, skinhead lesbians wrestling together.

  4. According to the arthouse cinema I’ve seen, it’s just about frisky women getting it on when there’s no man around. They’re always up for a plumber or pizza delivery guy joining them.

  5. “And no, I don’t believe it is because lesbians tend to keep their head down more”

    Surely they’d have to, in order to enjoy it?

  6. The real question is, what would be the Darwinian advantage of men finding lesbian sex hot.

    I wish the great Richard Dawkins would stop making a complete arse-hat of himself with his idiot lefty opinions and instead start writing about scissoring.

  7. Tim Newman,

    > lesbian websites and forums would be flourishing

    They’d get bored of chatting about lesbianism pretty quickly – there just isn’t that much to talk about. Far better to chat on subject-specific forums: Worstall for libertarian politics, Mumsnet for their motherhood-related issues, the Camping and Caravanning Club for their holiday plans, something IVF-related to discuss their sperm-donor choices, etc.

    Then there’s just the fact that they blend in so well. At a barbecue at a friend’s house recently, there was a middle-aged lesbian couple. It wasn’t until several hours into the evening that I twigged that they were more than just friends.

  8. Isn’t there already a significant amount of research which suggests the same for gay men, i.e. that their sexual orientation is just an extreme version of playing hard-to-get?

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Tim Newman – “One rarely comes across lesbian couples: for whatever reason there appear to be a lot more gays about than lesbians.”

    One rarely comes across lesbians who are not deeply damaged either. If you talk to them, there was always that first boyfriend who turned out to be a rapist or a father who was a little too hands on. Or they were just born, as it was put so well, swamp donkeys and they did not deal with it well.

    Unlike Gays where at least some can make a case that they were born that way.

    He is just moving the question back. Perhaps Girl-on-Girl action is hot. Perhaps it is hot in all cultures. In theory as opposed to the swamp donkey reality. But why would men find it hot?

  10. Core argument:
    “In particular, the rate at which selection forces remove mutant alleles from the gene pool depends on the size of the negative fitness effect: The larger the effect, the faster selection forces remove alleles from the gene pool. Assuming a positive mutation rate, at any point in time, it is expected that there would be a few alleles that predispose for same-sex attraction. If their net negative fitness effect is very high, selection forces would quickly remove them from the gene pool, so their frequency across time would remain very low. However, if their net negative fitness effect is low, then their frequency would be higher, as selection forces would not remove them from the gene pool as quickly. The weak selection pressures hypothesis proposes that, during the period of human evolution, the fitness cost (c) for alleles that predisposed for same-sex attraction in women had been low, resulting in the relative high prevalence of female same-sex attraction observed today “

  11. ” Perhaps Girl-on-Girl action is hot. Perhaps it is hot in all cultures. In theory as opposed to the swamp donkey reality. But why would men find it hot?”
    But seriously.
    Experience would tend to indicate, you sell the sizzle not the sausage. For most men, sexual attraction is very much a mental thing. Part of what makes us human, I s’pose. There’s more going on than just hormones. And a great deal of it’s visual stimulation. Not hard to see how two women demonstrating how sexually available they are by getting it on with each other is going to attract the attention of the male.

  12. BiS

    The article suggests: 1) female same sex attraction in a partner is good because it reduces the possibility of infidelity by the woman with another man. 2) It increases chances of male infidelity (and thus procreation) by allowing cheating by both partners.

  13. Well, some of the ladies rugby team (mostly lesbians) I help coach are indeed munters who would probably fail a species test, never mind a sex test, but there are some who are drop dead gorgeous (and pretty good rugby players).

    Not my team but suggest you google Abbey Reading Nuns and go to images. A high % lesbian as was clear at a local 7-a-side tourney recently. I particularly liked the girl with “Vagitarian” emblazoned on the back of her after match polo-shirt. Very droll.

  14. And this is where I’d take issue with the otherwise learn’d Mr Lud. One can easily sell a session with a couple of interactive swamp donkeys where the single of the species is going to be very much left on the shelf. So it’s possibly a reproductive strategy for swamp donkeys.

  15. @ken
    “The article suggests:”
    Yeah, right. Academic analysis, yadda yadda yadda…
    I’m willing to bet my research facilities are better than anything he can come up with.

  16. Seen on a tee shirt:

    Femme on the streets,
    Butch in the sheets.

    Or maybe it was the other way round.

    (And no, I wouldn’t have touched it with a bargepole).

  17. “It’s time this country understood economics”


    “Physician, heal thyself”

    A wise man.

  18. From what I hear from younger people, a significant minority of women dabble in a little bit of rug-munching.

  19. Theophrastus from the article:

    In particular, about 3–8% of men and 14–15% of women are heterosexuals but experience attraction toward the same sex, about 0.5–5% of men and 2–4% of women are bisexual, and about 2–5% of men and 1–4% of women are homosexuals (Calzo et al., 2017; Dickson et al., 2003; Savin-Williams et al., 2012 ; Yougov report, 2015). Therefore, women who experience some degree of same-sex attraction are almost double (20%) the amount of men who experience such attraction (12%)

  20. ken
    Thanks for pointing that out. My daughter, who is happily married, estimated that 1 in 5 of her unmarried female friends “dabble” occasionally – particularly after some man had done ’em wrong (broadly defined). My own estimate is more like 1 in 3. My wife used to be aroused by beautiful women in erotic poses, though she was disgusted when a lesbian made an advance. I think women are much more inclined to be bi-sexual. A former colleague with two children once described herself as 60:40 lesbian/hetero. And she’s one of the most conservative people I know.

  21. Bloke in Costa Rica

    As a t-shirt I saw had it: “I support gay marriage if both chicks are hot.”

    Of course most lesbians, like most gay men, are completely unremarkable. What they like to do in bed is always the least interesting thing about them.

  22. The Meissen Bison

    Edward Lud: This thread is turning into a proper, middle-aged w/f.

    Of course I have no idea what a “w/f” is but if it’s something for the middle-aged, let me chip in belatedly and express thanks for introducing me to the term “swamp donkey”.

  23. It’s been a cliche of porn films for years that woman are bisexual but men are not. The idea being that women are so horny they will f**k anyone. Women being horny is a turn-on for the audience.

    The question is how much reality informs porn films or porn films affect reality? chicken and Egg. It’s fairly obvious that hooker chic follows the trail porn -> hookers -> pop starlets+designer -> Hollywood B-lister -> high street. I mean how did it come to Stella Creasy wearing a rubber skirt with it’s obvious fetish associations? If porn can drive fashion then it is plausible to argue that it influences in other ways.

    I suspect that at least some of the lipstick lesbian-ism is due to people’s perception of normality coloured by their experience of viewing porn.

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