Isn’t this a delightful view?

If there was any remaining hope in Brussels or European capitals that the British establishment would return to reality-based politics, this latest election campaign and result should eliminate it. When it comes to Brexit the UK is like a child that just will not see reason. The only grown-ups left in that room called Europe must therefore start preparing to impose their own solution.

Wanting to be out is just childish. The adults must therefore smack naughty bottoms.

30 thoughts on “Isn’t this a delightful view?”

  1. We should call troops back from Afghanistan etc and Germany and base them here. And then we’ll see how the Eurotrash are going to “go it alone”.

    Just a Remainiac puke jumping on Corbyn’s bandwagon. Still a shocking indictment of how far socialist treachery and evil are prevalent in this society.

  2. They’ve been imposing ‘their own solution’ on us ever since we were bamboozled into joining the fucking thing.

  3. Clearly, remainiac ideologues still find Brexit immensely threatening. Will they ever grow up and get over it?

  4. Pretty contemptible.

    I suggest our own solution for fifth column foreigners and traitor citizens who argue for less democracy.

    Lock them up and strip their rights away. See how they like having no democracy on them

  5. I think a better Conservative Manifesto would have been simply to reprint the twenty worst opinion pieces in the Guardian with “This is who they are” above each one of them.

  6. ‘The only grown-ups left in that room called Europe must therefore start preparing to impose their own solution.’

    Focke-Wulfs at dawn?

  7. @rob “I think the Guardian readership gets a sexual frisson about being told off by foreigners.”

    i supppose it makes a change from being told they are homophobic for not being gay or transphobic for not wanting to cut their bollocks off.

    It seriously is a deluded rag – no wonder it’s basically bankrupt (financially as well as morally)

  8. The Inimitable Steve

    Theo – Never. 🙂

    Brexit will continue to haunt their weak progressive nightmares forever, much like Mrs Thatcher.

  9. The Inimitable Steve

    Even this election didn’t shake Britain’s Brexit denial. Europe must act alone

    Well, cheerio.

    by Joris Luyendijk

    Obviously a fake name, like Herman Hermit, Randy Fokker, or Lembit Opik.

    Last year’s EU referendum campaign was waged with lies, manipulation and delusional promises

    And yet Leave prevailed.

    “Another own goal – after Cameron, now May,” tweeted Brexit negotiator for the European parliament Guy Verhofstadt last night

    For sure, Theresa May had an open goal, and somehow managed to put the ball in the back of her own team’s net.

    Interestingly, this might mean the new government is more conservative and not less, for those doughty tribunes of Ulster farmers are unlikely to be keen on Mrs May’s metropolitan poncery and appeasement of terrorists.

    As for Brexit, their main concern is avoiding a “hard” border with the Republic of Ireland, which is historically ironical (given Ian Paisley’s rather robust views in his earlier life) and also good common sense everyone already agrees with.

    So, terrible result for May and CCHQ, not so terrible for conservatives, libertarian and nationalist minded rightwingers.

    leading millions of Britons to vote for an option that was simply not on the menu: shirking all the obligations of EU membership while keeping the benefits. In Boris Johnson’s infamous phrase: let’s vote to have our cake and eat it.

    Yes, that dishonest phrase was from Boris’s infamous pro-Remain article, and was indeed bollocks, for staying in the EU isn’t like eating cake, it’s like being force-fed rancid kebab while a bunch of sneering Eurocucks pick your pockets.

    This election could have been the moment when Britain made a choice between two options that were actually available: having that cake and therefore sailing with open eyes into the inevitable economic shock and pain of hard Brexit. Or keeping the cake by becoming a bigger Norway and accepting all the rules of the single market: no end to EU immigration, significant contributions to the EU and acceptance of the European court of justice.

    Hmm, so our choice is freedom or satrapy like what a tiny, frozen Scandinavian country whose only major export is hydrocarbons has chosen. Thanks for clarifying, Doris.

    Even by the most conservative estimates Brexit will cost the UK billions. Where is this money going to come from?

    The article he refers to claims it’ll cost British exporters ÂŁ6Bn. How much do we pay for the pleasure of being dictated to by noodle-armed Belgian kiddy fiddlers, Luxembourgish
    drunks, and glittery-eyed Kraut autogenocide aficionados again?

    Easily twice as much.

    There are no good options left for the EU.

    There is one: peacefully dissolve yourselves, before everything goes completely pear-shaped and the public gives you all the Ceausescu retirement package.

  10. Yup Steve, bang on.

    If Joris was going to point to all the reforming EU was going to do. If he acknowledged there’s at least a tincy bit of a problem with: democratic defecit, the budget, the CAP, the Euro, the poor growth, trade deals, expansion plans, migration. If he acknowledged that at least and said how unneccessary and premature it was to leave because reform is around the corner then well i’d understand him more. But he knows it isn’t. Instead the old sidestep with “those things you far western europeans don’t like and the majority of the population in your geographical unit which by the way isn’t the unit of choice for EU subsidiarity, those things they don’t like, those things? They’re obligations.

  11. ‘Even by the most conservative estimates Brexit will cost the UK billions. Where is this money going to come from?’

    I’m reminded hearing many years ago that “it costs $140,000 to raise a child.” I thought, “Well, if the parents don’t have $140,000, it’s not going to cost $140,000.”

    If UK can’t pay billions, it won’t cost billions.

    “The article he refers to claims it’ll cost British exporters ÂŁ6Bn.”

    It’s wonderful to see that they (suddenly) care about British exporters.

  12. The Inimitable Steve

    Hallowed Be – Yarp. But that would require a modicum of honesty, a scintilla of self-awareness, and a drop of good faith. Dave Cameron – the most Europhilic Tory PM since Ted Heath – couldn’t even persuade them to lend him a fig leaf to cover his embarrassment, so it’s obvious there’s no negotiating with the EU.

    You can’t negotiate with someone whose position is “what’s ours is ours and what’s yours is up for grabs”.

    The EU is like a burning clown car careering over a cliff in slow motion while its passengers shout abuse at us for having the temerity to get out.

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m taking crazy pills when I see these Eurocreatures acting as if scraping bits of your fellow citizens off the street after the latest invader atrocity, condemning whole generations of Greeks and Spanish and Irish to poverty or emigration, and being lorded over by a class of clownish Haw-Haw merchants who can’t resist meddling in every pettifogging aspect of your life is normal.

    It’s not normal, it’s Gibbonesque civilisational collapse but without even the distraction of gladiatorial games.

    Not that we’re much better off, but Brexit offers a window of opportunity to return to sanity, and as unexpected and shocking as the election results were, they might also just be what we needed – because May was offering more social cancer in the form of overbearing government censorship, “hate crimes” legislation to lock up more white men, and other unpopular, unnecessary and unwanted bollocks.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day when shouty NornIron Orangemen were the voice of reason and sanity, but here we are. Thank God for the Ulster Unionists.

    Gamecock – Quite right.

    Even assuming the exporter thing is true (and our mercantile class can’t find new opportunities in other markets, which is a dodgy assumption), funny how few people are talking about cheaper imports.

  13. “. . . preparing to impose their own solution.”

    So the EU is mobilizing its army?

    I guess we’ll see how far France and Germany are willing to go but, to their advantage, if the UK leaves then they can push Article 42.2 through and become completely subservient to Brussels.

  14. I like the picture in that article – despite May retaining power (whoever neutered – or would spayed be more appropriate to use now?) ‘the people’ have spoken against Brexit.

  15. This reminds me of the Soviet Union or East Germany: “We are a workers paradise, but DON’T you dare to leave, mate”

  16. I like Gabb’s idea more and more.

    Corbyn–the well-off-middle- class-Marxists-Chavez has committed himself to Brexit (to get back the “my Dad voted Labour”) UKIP voters. Which to his bogus promise did to a considerable extent.

    Well call his bluff.

    Here’s the deal Corby. You can re-nationalise the railways, perhaps water and part of power generation –say the renewable sector. Of course you can’t renationalise jack shit under the EU. So you sit at the negotiating table as part of the team ( which means that 80% of the UK people will be represented there) and get with the programme. You fully support Brexit all the way inc mega-hard Brexit if needed. Then –if you prove staunch not false and treacherous– you can be in charge of the re-nationalising as above once we are out of the EU –even tho you aren’t in govt. No more subsidies than those “services” are getting now but since your claim is that socialism is SO much better than privatisation then you shouldn’t need any.

    That way we get Brexit full-on and Grandpa Death gets his chance to prove how wonderful nationalised industry is. Let some of the young snot Uni trained Marxists get a taste of the 1970s. After sitting on stalled trains for several hours we’ll see if hey have time to think. Tho’ they can still get the Net which wasn’t an option in the old days.

    As for the re-nationalisation. Well those areas are corporate socialism not free market. Crony businessmen ( the kind that love to give jobs and Directorships to ex political and senior civil service hacks after they retire on their abundant pensions) run a heavily subsidised and regulation protected club maintained by their state pals. And still jack the prices up because zero competition allowed. Grandpa D will fuck that up much more and his failure will open the way for a real free market. It will be a lesson.

    If he refuses the entire Brexit supporting voter base will she how much he really supports escaping the EU.

  17. Yes I agree that election doesn’t have to be bad news for Brexit or the economy. One wonders what Theresa would have become with a landslide in her pocket. From her rhetoric and some actions she wanted to park tanks on Labour’s lawn and was interventionist and authoritarian so the combination of those factors could have been dangerous. She was good at keeping her nose clean as home sec, now we’ll see if she good at wiping egg off it as PM. She’ll also need to find some political nous from somewhere too.
    Brexit crunch time will decided well before the next election now, so Theresa does have that time factor working for her. I wonder if plonking a stick in the ground and just go full out for the best economic option. Not the visuals, not trying to achieve stuff for all. Not worrying about the scientists, or the students or the farmers or the cockle catchers. I mean cost/benefit for everything, no gestures. To me that means Free trade, get what you can for our exporters from EU but if no dice go out there and sign free trade treaties like mad with everyone (threaten to send Prince Andrew if you have to) . The way these things are reported and digested this the tricky part. But whatever get that done. Allow the opposition to say , that wasn’t very nice of you, but absolutely deny them the option at the next election of saying ha ha you didn’t get the best economic deal. Hope there’s not a recession or if there is UK out performs France, Spain, Ireland, Italy and the EU average. Then following election…economy economy economy.

  18. We are now told it will cost E5 billion a year “for the benefits of trading with the EU, or some such guff. Might I suggest we charge them E10 billion a year for using English?

  19. “We are now told it will cost E5 billion a year for the benefits of trading with the EU, or some such guff.”

    No real estimates have been quoted yet on the impact (that is the word rather than cost) The way a journo or a politician or a lobbyist gets a 5 or 6 billion figure is that they find out how much UK exports to EU. They then find out how much the standard EU tariff is. They then times the volume by the tariff. That gives them a number that they erroneously say is how much hard Brexit is going to cost British Exporters. They then suggest this is the amount the British government will need to pay to the EU in order for British Exporters not to pay it. I know… it’s not logical in the slightest. But it never gets that far because the logic is never explained. Its just left out there. This Bad Thing (a cost) would happen if you didn’t do a deal so naturally you have to pay the equivalent amount to the EU to stop the Bad Thing happening.

    But despite the faulty logic it was erroneously ascribed anyway. Its the EU consumers that would pay an import tariff on British exports, not the exporters. Now yeah, their sales volumes could be impacted by that tax applied to their products but that depends not on the average tariff but the actual specific tariff we’re talking about and while we’re at it whether we care also about the volume traded is significant. So what you really have UK exporters with options. Stand there and just take the hit, on their profits? Maybe. But the most likely thing is that they sell more to the domestic market (reduces prices in UK) or export to another non EU market. Both of which offset the theoretical impact/

    So you have a headline figure which is definitely wrong and illogical and another figure which is only theoretical and before all the offsetting reactions that reflect the changed market conditions. Yeah that latter one is a tricky one to work out, but that’s what you need to do if you’re going to try and negotiate this stuff.

    So yes get UK/EU trade as free as possible even pay/concede something if its a big enough prize(which means paying a fraction of what that trade is not what the import tariff generated would be anyway), But what the red line for the UK negotiators must be is no restrictions. We can do whatever we like with non EU trade partners. When UK allows EU to have contraints on its ability to offset/substitute lost EU trade and pay tribute for the privilege we really will be living in inimitable steve’s satrapy.

  20. If the Tories seriously start the soft Brexit whine then it seems to me that the election was a planned caper.

    The Head Girl and Milk Monitor is too thick by far to have come up with it so it would have to be her global bosses.

    Per Paul Joseph Watson Corbo went to give a grovelling speech a few months back at the Royal Institute of…I forget. Which is a global Elite franchise and the text was his acceptance of a new world order. So prob ZaNu and BluLab are part of the same racket.

    DtP is right that the Tories –or the BluLab element –are no conservatives or on the side of the angels.

  21. During the bizarre election campaign we’ve just had, no-one at all seems to have pointed out to Labourites that they can only have their nationalizations if there is a hard (clean) Brexit. They’re all shouting that we want a soft Brexit and that we must stay in the single market (at the very least), but also that we need to nationalise as much as possible. But being in the single market prevents all that. That is why all the old lefties were against the EU. That’s why I presumed Corbyn has always been anti-EU, and why Labour didn’t say they’d oppose hard Brexit in their manifesto. He needs to get out of the single market, otherwise his Commie vision is just a fantasy.

    You’d think that the Conservatives might want to point this out to young and confused Guardianistas.

    This is also the one silver lining of staying in the single market. It stops the worst socialist excesses. Of course the single market is itself quite socialist in many ways, and countries can easily semi-nationalise businesses just by passing lots of legislation so that business has to be run how the government wants, and there are various loopholes, but it does stop Corbyn from explicitly nationalising businesses and industries. So if we are forced to stay in the SM it wouldn’t be all bad, especially if we could somehow manage to get back some control of our borders (not likely, I know, but if we have to stay in then we should try).

  22. I’m officially re-ratting. I want a soft-Brexit. Any harder option required the Tories to be competent and a large majority of the electorate to be economically literate. Neither of these things is true.

    40% of voters want a man who has repeatedly called for a general strike and gives speeches in front of the Hammer and Sickle to be chancellor. Going on about unilateral free trade after the election we’ve just had is more delusional than ever.

  23. There are still enough who don’t want Corbyn to beat them if we act together.

    Also Remain traitors and eco-freaks the limp dicks may be but I doubt they want Corby to have a free hand .

    At best it would be SNP/ZaNu together–bad enough but not a majority. There is plenty of bad blood in those two or they’d all be in Labour.

    The hard core of leftists isn’t enough to carry it. Even with the Beard Boys and young marx clones.–IF –bungling doesn’t divide us.

    For example: the dozy remainers in Kensington know now that if they vote Labour next time then Corby WILL be digging his dirty fingernails into their prosperous hides . A “fuck you Brexit” vote when the polls (wrongly) said May had enough support not to miss it is one thing. Voting ZaNu when Corbog’s thievery as part of his “soak-the-rich” schemes (after the real rich and their money are long gone away) is quite another. They aren’t THAT keen on remain I suspect.

    Everybody now must know it is down to the wire next time. Corby in = UKVenezuela . He will import as much third world vote as he can–2-3 million? – and they will bring the sex crimes against adults now prevalent in Europe but less so over here. That and 5 fucking awful years of Corby-mess plus the punishment to be handed out by the EU will do such damage that it is possible to still imagine him being voted out even then.

    But he –or McScum as his successor–simply won’t go. They’ll claim CIA brainwashing or whatever and violence will be all that remains. We get him or his thugs get us soviet style.

    Next time is it. Abstentions, protest votes, weird reasons for voting crazy– whatever– WILL sink us–we can’t afford them and we can’t afford May.

    Charlie S–Why the fuck should the EU give us anything at all. The soft brexit will consist of a tourniquet around our bag as far as they are concerned. Try to keep your nerve.

  24. “when Corbog’s thievery is coming after you as part of his “soak-the-rich” schemes”–is how the 5th paragraph-lines 4 and 5 should read.

  25. I’d like to believe you Ecks, but the Telegraph is now reporting that support for Labour is 6 percent ahead of the Tories, at 45%. Think the Tories had better forget another election for now, and plough ahead. Replace May not right now, but at some stage. If there is to be a deal with Europe it needs to tie us into something that prevents the hard-leftists from nationalising, etc.

  26. The young snot bulge.

    However, how many years have we now been hearing about the “greying” of the West? And how we aren’t replacing ourselves and thus need migrants. As a result of decades of eco-freak propaganda about zero population growth and Soylent Green etc.

    If the above is so –then exactly how big can this Ysnot bulge be?

    How many of them are there to factor in?

    Does anybody out there have any thoughts or calculations?

    As for the Torygraph–that was the paper spreading the Ruth Davidson clickbait this morning. Wouldn’t trust them for the time of day.

  27. Some poster on Guido had the figure of 400,000 for the new Yoof vote.

    Don’t know the source but should it be true that isn’t any sort of “revolution”.

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