Isn’t this excellent then George?

The election was a crushing defeat – but not for either of the major parties. The faction that now retreats in utter disarray wasn’t technically standing, though in the past it has arguably wielded more power than the formal contestants. I’m talking about the media.

The rightwing press threw everything it had at Jeremy Corbyn, and failed to knock him over. In doing so, it broke its own power.

So, no power left it doesn’t matter who owns it does it? Approve the Murdoch bid for Sky immediately.

5 thoughts on “Isn’t this excellent then George?”

  1. I suspect he has a point, though unsurprisingly overstated.
    The influence of print has declined, including the Guardian.
    The influence of the web has increased, and the influence of social media especially so.

  2. Not having bothered to read it, I’ll make the guess that there’s no mention of the broadcasting arm of the Grauniad – the BBC – and its almost continuous party politicals on behalf of the Labour Party, AKA news and current affairs.

  3. ROFL.

    “The rightwing press threw everything it had at Jeremy Corbyn”

    The Jewish community released a statement begging people not to vote for Corbyn, and it wasn’t even mentioned by any mainstream press outlet. The Chief Rabbi called him a ‘vicious anti-Semite’, and it was ignored.

    The simple reality is that the Conservatives lost to Corbyn because they and the media didn’t attack him _at all_, at any point.

  4. I get the feeling that the soft-left media with respect to Corbyn are playing with fire without realising that fire is hot. I don’t think the dimmer ones quite realise what is clear to older left-wing journalists – that Corbyn is as hostile to their philosophy as he is to the Tories.

    I think, as with Trump, the media was also guilty of treating him and Labour’s proposals as if they were an amusing distraction that would never happen. The actual discussion of the lunacy of their manifesto didn’t take place until it was almost too late.

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