Isn’t this Ritchie’s mate?

The one with the Fair Tax Mark who didn’t pay minimum wage?

The boss of one of the UK’s biggest energy companies has been given a 72% pay rise, just weeks after arguing against consumers having their bills capped to save them £100 a year.

Alistair Phillips-Davies, the chief executive of SSE, will be paid £2.92m in 2017 after receiving the maximum possible bonuses for leading a “robust performance” by the supplier last year.

13 thoughts on “Isn’t this Ritchie’s mate?”

  1. Yes, he is Ritchie’s mate. Don’y expect any comment from Ritchie any time soon though, he’s far too busy making pilitical capital out of dead people. One shouldn’t expect anything less from a world-recognised building safety expert.

  2. I make that 25 fair tax marks awarded against a target of 350. They couldn’t even give it away. No one is interested and no one cares. When are they going to give up?

  3. ‘just weeks after arguing against consumers having their bills capped to save them £100 a year’

    It would seem then that he argued successfully.

  4. They are cutting the corporation tax by doing this!
    The fact that the government receive more tax take overall tends to be ignored by the small minded…

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Talking of Rithie’s mates (is there such a thing even?), have any of our resident spudologists observed a cooling towards the saltire since the election and whether his priority is now focussed on camp Corbyn or on finding a compliant docking-station for the tiny tuberous todger?

  6. Meissen Bison

    Not so much a cooling as “Did I ever mention Scotland? I don’t think so! Who would give their vote to the SNP instead of Jeremy? Certainly I would never suggest such a thing”.

  7. the fat cunt would look even more ridiculous in a kilt. For those who haven’t met him he looks a bit like a freshly brillo padded piglet stuffed into a suit. That’s not being personal by his definition.

  8. On the FTM website, they proudly re-post newspaper stories calling them the “official” fair tax mark.

    Nothing “official” about them at all.

    Misrepresentation if you ask me.

  9. It takes some doing to be dethroned ( more or less) by a sixth form Communist .The Conservative Party with its judicious sponsorship of Blue Passports , Fox Hunting Grammars Empire 2 and ..of course prioritising ethnic cleansing over prosperity security and services have also caused irreconcilable offence to moderate opinion . That’s going to come back on them like a bad bad curry
    Corbyn is hugely overpraised . Around the country Labour MPs ran “despite Corbyn” campaigns and after years of stagnant wages cuts to services and nothing but more of the same to come the government ought be getting a kicking . He just happened to be standing there when Labour voters thought …oh bloody hell I`ll have to vote for the twat

    The circumstances whereby Bluekip can coalesce will pass but abandoning moderate opinion will not . When Brexit fails , as it will even if it succeeds given our debts , Brexit politicians will catch every scrap of the inchoate whining and wrinkly resentment they used to lie their way out of the decades of peaceful successful cooperation we enjoyed .

    It is a joy in my life that I am not a politician and I can treat the cretinous opinions of morons and their fat ugly cheesy wotsit coloured wives with the contempt such opinions merit .
    Let me be clear , Brexit is the stupidest thing any people has ever done to itself since the good folk of Pompeii thought …” Ooo look that oddly smoking mountain is the perfect spot for a City ”
    People who support this foot shooting event are village idiots with six fingers the result of generations of inbreeding ( with all due respect )

    The Conservative Party now own every gripe [problem and quibble for the next fifty years and there are going to be plenty . Good they deserve it .

    In my humble fucking opinion

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