It’s not because she’s black it’s because she’s incompetent

Mr Mason later tweeted: “You know what. It’s time somebody called out the dog whistle racism behind Tory insults to Diane Abbott and I just decided to do it.”
Interrupting, Mr Mason went on: “Why is everybody picking on Diane Abbott? What’s this racism about Diane Abbott?”

Mr Dale said: “She’s unfit to be Home Secretary,” before Mr Mason added: “Why do you hate a black Home Secretary?”

Not calling out Abbott as being unfit to be Home Sec because she is black would be racism. Just as would be saying she’s not fit because she’s black. For racism is to criticise or not, to claim fitness or not, because she is black or not. Non-racism is to insist that she’s an idiot, whatever the colour of her skin or racial background, and then critique or not, comment upon fitness or not.

23 thoughts on “It’s not because she’s black it’s because she’s incompetent”

  1. She is a nasty idiot. Who, like Mason himself, supports and is trying to bring to power a death-cult that has already murdered 150 million people.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up Paul.

    I was worried my disgust for Dianne Abbott might have been down to fattism.

  3. I’m afraid you don’t understand, in newspeak, t criticise a black person is racist. There can be no other allowable explanation.

  4. I thought the racism insult to close down debate had abated in recent months.

    Clearly, the left are struggling with any debate nowadays and are once again resorting to the r word.

    As for Abbott, I was told that she had got the police sums right earlier in the day and it was only in the interview with Ferrari that she got her sums wrong. The only reference I found to this was a piece in the Indy, very much in the r word vein, which failed to mention exactly on which occasions Abbott had succeeded in costing the Old Bill at more than a fiver a head.

  5. The reason this idiotic and venal woman is in the role of shadow Home Secretary at all is because:

    1. She is Black
    2. She is a woman
    3. She slept with Jeremy Corbyn in the 1970’s

    This is despite her open and obvious incompetence, hypocrisy and hatred of “white people” amongst other vile “qualities”.

    I am perfectly happy for Diane Abbott to be in this role as it clearly demonstrates the contempt that both Labour and Jeremy Corbyn in particular has for the British public.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    I can see why Mason would rather think people hate him because he has a c*nt rather than the truth which is that it is because he is a c*nt.

  7. Interesting. I’ve been hearing for years what an idiot Abbott is.

    As a ‘Merican, I did not know til now that she is black.

  8. The Inimitable Steve

    What Pat said. Also, the bank just told the shop assistant to cut up the sexism card.

  9. The Inimitable Steve

    To clarify the chromatic status of the relevant idiots here: Diane Abbot is a dopey black arsehole and Paul Mason is a thick white arsehole.

    Feed em to the pigs, Ecksy.

  10. I must admit I’m mildly surprised about just how awful she’s been. Drink? Happy pills? Stage fright?

    “because he has a c*nt rather than the truth which is that it is because he is a c*nt.” Oi, that’s my joke. Hands off!

  11. The Meissen Bison

    it’s because she’s incompetent

    Incompetent? Is that the word? Her blubbery pungent uselessness and sulphurous nastiness surely call for something less mild!

  12. I don’t care that she’s black, I don’t care that she is fat, I don’t care that she is ugly, I just care that she is a truly evil bitch.

  13. Forget that her politics are terrible. If you just judge her as a politician, in all the ways politicians should behave, she’s utterly useless. Have you ever met anyone who has said anything good about her who isn’t someone who is blindly loyal to Labour?

    Like, I know the local Green candidate. The Green candidate. Who is going to lose hard in this constituency. And she’s better than Diane Abbott.

  14. @Paul Mason,

    Corbyn, McDonell and the Labour party must be racist too then as they have banned her from talking to MSM – she defied them by appearing on Marr last Sunday.

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