Just no memory some of these people

To look after its properties, the council created the largest management organisation of its type in England – unfeasibly large, it turned out, and unaccountable to its own tenants. This was the £11m-a-year body that handed the £10m refurbishment contract to the builder Rydon. The best that can be said of such outsourcing – whether in managing flats or running council departments – is that the public ends up paying more for a service that’s worse. It allows big companies to profiteer from basic public needs, and to evade democratic control.

Chakrabortty obviously has simply no knowledge at all about how appalling the direct labour organisations were in local councils.

And, umm, well, how many residential towers does K&C have? And is that enough to warrant a full time, long term, labour force able to do such renovations? For labour isn’t some homogenous grouping any more. You don’t just have 300 navvies on hte staff and they get the stuff done any more.

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  1. You only need to remember the truly I mportant things from history Tim.

    The diggers, the tolpuddle martyrs, the battles of cable street and wood green, the miners strike… such things history is made of.

  2. Liars constantly lie.

    Hardly novel.

    Far from the –non-existent–“far right”–being in a corner, we actually have a bunch of fools who think they can bully and bullshit their way to a regime that would utterly destroy this nation and its people.

    Todays planned mega-riot will show anybody with sense remaining just what can be expected.

    Our tactic must be to weather it and then start on the systematic dismantling of the lefts propaganda machine. Schools, Unis, the BBBC the lot.

    The Corbyn gang must be destroyed.

  3. The planning docs show that the main resident concern about the cladding was what colour it was.

    Visual impact and fitting in with the area reasonably is a standard part of the planning process, rather than a rich vs poor thing. Bortty is just trolling in that respect.

    We had to employ a consultant to scoot a round the skyline taking photographs.

  4. And as for him quoting that 93bn figure for business subsidies and those 5 -6 year old empty house figures, while ignoring thousands of empty public sector dwellings in Central London … head up backside making farting noises.

    See what happens when MaoDonnells thugs start physically assaulting more random Council Employees.

  5. But….. it’s managed by the tenants, By The People. The People’s Property. The People’s control of the means of production and all that. Surely that’s exactly what they want?

  6. jgh

    it’s managed by the tenants, By The People. The People’s Property.

    My experience of self-managing a very tiny resident management co. over 30 years was that it is very difficult to get anybody to take an interest. They expect the ‘company’ to do something, but are surprise when told then company has no pot of money other than what they are prepared to pay in. They were even more shocked and surprised when I sold up, a managing agent was appointed, service charges doubled, and nobody cleaned the entrance and stairs.

    In the case of K&C TMO it is just another layer of management incompetence and blame shifting.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    This was the £11m-a-year body that handed the £10m refurbishment contract to the builder Rydon.

    Well it’s obviously not clever to give a building contract to a company that makes lawn mowers.

  8. A relative used to live in a block of flats, much smaller than this tower.
    The management company complied with what the residents wanted. In the course of about 5 years her service charges tripled – because the residents demanded nice flowerbeds, car park improvements, nicer carpets on stairs etc.
    Of course all the residents had to pay, whether they wanted the changes or not.
    Management company merely organised whatever needed doing. For a fee.

  9. What Martin said
    In that case I suppose that I was lucky – the Corporation bumped the Service Charge massively as union pay rates soared (while mine did not) but didn’t add extra costs for extra services demanded by brainless rich.

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