Knees must: how to wear shorts this summer

Useful advice there in The Guardian.

Personally I find that every summer reaches he same method. Put them on one leg at a time.

13 thoughts on “Knees must: how to wear shorts this summer”

  1. i see there’s a small if amusing trend for gents to wear skirts if shorts are banned – there were some schoolboys who did it and got some press last year, and this chap looks faaaaabulous:

    Luckily we have no dress code unless meeting clients or going to events, and I’m working at home at 1100m altitude today, so I’m relatively well off with the heat.

  2. Abba (as my autocorrect calls you),
    Merely dressing up in a skirt is so 2015. He should have declared that he identifies as a woman. That would really flummox the authorities. And what’s the point of being a young person if you can’t confuse your elders?

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Come to think of it,
    My ex-next door neighbour, a gentleman of “my age” used to wear a skirt ( and probably still does ). He did have nice legs, though. Combined it with Dr Martens, though, so I thought he looked a bit too much like a feminist.

  4. “I confess that on more than one occasion, ahead of a holiday, I have found myself hacking away at a pair of old jeans (and even old chinos) staring at this photograph in order to perfect the perfect Rauschenberg length.”

    Ok 1st bit believable. 2nd bit? i have my doubts.

  5. You surprise me, Tim. I live in a hot country and only labourers and tourists wear shorts. I would have thought it was the same in Portugal.

  6. The correct length is the “England Football World Cup 1986 and 1990” length, i.e. practically briefs, but only if you’ve the legs to get away with it.

  7. Empire builders for me, otherwise known as “tropical shorts”.

    And next week is the week. Ten days on the shore of the Andaman Sea. Watching the monsoon storms roll in, drinking beer, reading books. No other tourists: no Russians and no Chinese. 🙂

  8. I have a pair of excellent shorts with half-a-dozen pockets to wear when going on walking holidays and need handkerchief, purse for cash, wallet, credit card, car key, phone, home keys: otherwise I only wear shorts for races. I am grown-up so I normally wear long trousers – maybe Grauniadistas wear shorts to pretend that they are still young

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