Might I learn something new here?

Petroleum Minister Pradhan felicitates Kashmiri students

Felicitates……is this some interesting sexual practice special to Kashmir? Or Kashmiris? Possibly a threesome involving a Hindu, a Moslem and A Han? Sex while wearing cashmere? While listening to Led Zep (in which case it’s neither very new nor interesting, is it).

Yes, yes, I know, congratulates. But it does sound more interesting, felicitates, doesn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Might I learn something new here?”

  1. Yes, it existes in the Oxford Dic.

    A Spaniard with a good knowledge of English would likely use it (not because they know it, but because it is a direct translation from the word they use) unless they were old enough to remember Cliff Richards and then you might get ‘congratulations’.

  2. Many years ago whilst in Jammu, with some of the Kashmiri Pandits who’d fled the Muslims, I was sitting surrounded by all manner of unrecognisable foods ( including sheep bollocks, I later learnt ) and lots of pickles and relishes.

    I’d started to get used to the archaic English often used and so felt I was getting pretty good at translating the Raj-era English in to ‘common’ English

    I had just gingerly selected a plate of food and had just started to tuck in when I was asked “Are you relishing this preparation”. I paused for a moment, unsure of which way to jump. Did they mean was I liking what was in front of me, or did they mean was I going to put some relish on my plate?

    Naturally, I chose the wrong one.

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