Minimum wage life

Americans earning minimum wage are do not need a study to know how difficult things are.

Alicia Hamiel, 23, a mother of two children in Philadelphia, earns $7.75 an hour at McDonald’s and works 26-38 hours a week, based on what the scheduler allots her. She and her family are currently living in a single room that rents for $400 a month.

“I feel like I’m failing as a mom,” she said. “If I can’t make sure they have a roof over their heads, what am I doing? I feel like I’m doing the best that I can.”

Are we sure the problem here is the level of the minimum wage, not that three people are trying to live upon it?

And if we do think that a single mother (and where’s the child support payments?) should indeed gain societal support then what’s wrong with having a system of support for single mothers (you know, the EITC, child tax credits, SNAP, Section 8) rather than insisting that the capitalists pay higher wages to everyone?

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  1. There are 1 or 2 fathers, presumably. She definitely failed as a mother, but don’t they (or he) count as failed as (a) father(s)?

  2. On a recent visit to the US I was interested to see that some restaurants had a note at the bottom of the bill to the effect that “a surcharge of 3% has been added to offset the rise in the minimum wage”.

  3. I expect,in due course, we’ll be reading the article about single mothers on minimum wage complain how taking the kids for their weekly McTreat has become unaffordable.

  4. ‘Alicia Hamiel, 23, a mother of two children’

    I think I see the problem here.

    Government enabled, with people demanding government do more.

  5. ‘She and her family are currently living in a single room that rents for $400 a month.’

    There is one thing government should do in this situation: remove the children from the home.

  6. So why doesn’t she leave Philadelphia and move to Yuma, AZ where the minimum wage is $10, McDonald’s is hiring, and the median 1 bedroom apartment price is $600? Plus the weather and scenery is nicer.

    I mean if the problem is minimum wage, go to some place with a higher one. Here you get the same welfare support as their plus more money per hour at the lower end of the skill scale. Just sounds like a win to me.

    Also, maybe consider getting a second job to get more hours?

  7. Most of our current societal problems are caused by subsidizing failure with state support. Single mothers. Jihadi immigrants and their children. Drug users.

    If you get your money for nothing, why not have lots of unprotected sex, go religiously bonkers or use meth? There are no serious consequences for any of these things when you get state money.

    Me, I’m an evolutionist.

  8. A couple of things to note:

    1) The decision to be a single mother was entirely her own, and the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any participation, at least financially, in the raising of the children is largely because she decided to be a single mom rather than a wife and mother. There is a difference, and that difference is important. Note this contradiction: Liberals and progressives have been banging on for decades that women can be single moms and thrive financially. Then, when faced with concrete evidence that for the vast majority of single moms that simply isn’t true, the issue is redefined as “income inequality”.

    2) There’s an excellent chance that she’s not getting 40 hours a week at her job is because her employer has be incentivized by Obamacare requirements to keep her average working hours per week at under 30 hours. Incentives matter, and the Democratic/Liberal/Progressive alliance that passed Obamacare is responsible… Not the mean ol’ Capitalist doing the scheduling the women’s work hours.

    3) Ever hear of either (1) working two jobs, or (2) putting time into a job search? Beyond that, you know what fast food joints are always looking for? Shift leaders and assistant managers. This woman has been working at the same fast food restaurant for five years and is still stuck on “You want fries with that?” Obviously she’s doing everything possible to better herself, right? When you point that out to Liberals and Progressives, they simply argue that workplace productivity and earning power are Capitalist constructs.

    And Timmy, putting her on the gravy train of EITC, CTC, and Section 8 and SNAP doesn’t mean the Capitalists aren’t paying for it… Tax incidence, baby.

  9. “…should indeed gain societal support then what’s wrong with having a system of support for single mothers…”

    Societal support is when individuals voluntarily give help to those they decide need it.

    The alternative is what the Mafia do, and Government… but then I repeat myself.

  10. “Societal support is when individuals voluntarily give help to those they decide need it.”

    Exactly. Government is replacing it. Except Lefties think government IS society.

    ‘He suggested that the government could offer increased rental assistance and boost programs such as the National Housing Trust Fund, which invests in affordable homes. The Trump administration has signaled it is moving in the opposite direction, proposing cutting funding for the federal housing agency by almost 15% and indicating it would like to ax the trust fund.’

    So you get Lefties spending Other People’s Money, and lash out at those who won’t spend more. There’s virtue it seems in spending Other People’s Money. And you’re an ogre if you don’t spend MORE!

    The obvious question: “Guardian, what are YOU doing to help Alicia Hamiel?!?!”

  11. Since when was the minimum wage – or a McDonald’s job – supposed to support a family of three? If every job is made to pay enough to support a family of three, entry-level jobs disappear. Which they are doing, of course.

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    “I feel like I’m failing as a mom,” she said.

    No further needs to be added. Two children with no father in the picture? She is failing. She has failed.

    The problem is that this is a talking point, not something she actually feels and so can serve as a cornerstone to rebuilding her life.

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