My, isn’t this green economy going to be expensive?

The low-carbon economy could grow from 2% of UK GDP today to 13% by 2050.

We’re going to have to devote 13% of GDP just to powering the economy?

9 thoughts on “My, isn’t this green economy going to be expensive?”

  1. If we had a vibrant industry exporting wind turbines, solar panels, power lines, transformers, backup batteries, etc.; and maybe even exporting power from our windy coastline to the rest of Europe, then it could just about make up 13% of GDP.

    But none of that requires UK government subsidy.

  2. — “…We therefore call on the new government to put in place ambitious and long-term policies to tackle climate change”

    Oh, it’s one of those deals is it. Like gushing about the market prospects for new types of light bulbs because, er, incandescent are going to be banned.

    They’re extortionists and parasites.

    For the headline – “Green business needs strong and stable support from the next UK government” – read “Make fuel poverty official government policy.”

  3. Actually, I think the calculation is that if we adhere to the Climate Change Act and the rest of the green bollocks, our economy will shrink so much that 13% of it will be people cleaning the crap off solar panels and scavenging dead birds from under the wind mills.

  4. If your business requires strong support from the government, you’re not in business, you are a civil servant.

  5. Kevin B,
    Can we strategically deploy wind turbines around the solar panels to kill the birds before they get a chance to defecate on our solar panels?

  6. we’ll need to increase our power generation capcity by 13% to keep the printing presses rolling if Jezza gets in power

  7. The Green “Industry” needs the living shit kicking out of it and then to be dumped into an early and well-deserved unmarked grave.

  8. I did look into something to see if there was a point I might be missing as I spend too much time here. The digging only makes things look worse.

    Non-carbon(including nuclear) sources provide roughly 29% of British electricity(I haven’t touched other energy forms either). Energy currently accounts for 4.5% of the GDP. This means that currently nearly half of total British energy expenditures are going to remove carbon from just one sector.

    Methinks there is a good chance 13% is too low. There is no good justification for this. All that will happen is costs will be cut in other areas, leaving Blighty dirtier than before.

    The sheer stupidity is making me reconsider my handle for this site. It appears our ‘liberals’ gave your ‘liberals’ a, “hold my Beer!” challenge and we’ve been outdone.

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