Nope, Spudda still hasn’t got it

Re-regulating and restricting the international finance sector to transform national economies and the global economy. Finance will have to be returned to its role as servant, not master, of the global economy, to dealing prudently with people’s savings and providing regular capital for productive and sustainable investment. Regulation of finance, and the restoration of policy autonomy to democratic government, implies the re-introduction of capital controls. These are vital if central banks and governments are to fix and determine one of the most important levers of the economy – interest rates

You can’t do that without Hard Brexit now, can you?

5 thoughts on “Nope, Spudda still hasn’t got it”

  1. dealing prudently with people’s savings

    From the man who wants to steal your pension fund to build “skools n ospitals” and various green boondongles.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Nautical Nick,

    Ask them about the returns on Gordon’s investments, it’s getting on for 20 years so they should be able to tell us the ROI as justification for the next investment.

  3. As John McDonnell has signed Labour up to leave the single market, expect another overnight conversion from Murphy.

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