Not many people raging that day

Around 100 protesters gathered in Shepherd’s Bush from 11.30am before starting their march to Downing Street at shortly after 1.30pm – delayed by 30 minutes due to a low turn-out.

Within an hour, the protest swelled to around 200 people and began taking up three lanes of the road as it forced drivers to slow down. The group arrived in Westminster at around 3.45pm, with smoke and flares set off in the crowd on Whitehall.

14 thoughts on “Not many people raging that day”

  1. One of the advantages of unemployment being down below 5% – less ordinary people who might have otherwise been inclined to throw teddies in London of a wednesday :p

  2. The poor snowflakes obviously knackered themselves when bothering to scrape themselves from their pits to vote for Corbyn a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps they think they’ve done their bit. More of this, please!

    After a fortnight of gloom I feel a bit better having seen the piss-poor performance of this ‘Day of Mewling’. There is hope.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    A protest march triggered by a dreadful fire in a tower block and they set off flares?

    These people are too stupid to be allowed out.

    They should have learned a bit of musical history from their grand parents.

  4. abacab,

    You mean the poverty-stricken downtrodden workers are simply too poor to forfeit half a day’s wages for a protest march. That’ll be the Left’s spin on it.

  5. That makes it almost as big as the vibrants against terrorism march in Cologne last week!

  6. Trying to work out what would happen if I’d got myself pulled by the Old Bill with a pyrotechnic device in my pocket, strolling down Whitehall. I’d imagine it’d involve arrest under one of the Terrorist Acts, a raid on my home by armed police, seizure of any computer equipment & paperwork whilst they tore the place apart, surrender of passport, questioning of anyone I knew, a year of absolute f**king nightmare & a conviction for something or other.
    So what’s stopping them? Don’t tell me they’ve not video capture of the entire march & the ability to identify the flare chuckers. What’s the point of having a virtual police state if you don’t use it?

  7. BiS–After the promised overthrow of the gubmint that yesterday was to kick off turning out to be a big nothing that is a sufficient result.

    Fishface getting involved in anything is a formula for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This is not a time for heavy-handed attempts at throwing her weight around.

    The good news is that it is a first strike against the “Invincible Jezza–Man of Destiny” myth that has had more than a few freaking out.

    The danger is in May’s talent for losing–not Corbyn’s talent for occasionally rising to slightly beyond mediocre.

  8. I’m seeing this as a bad thing – rather than the unsavoury nutters of the far left taking to the streets, they are working for Labour. Not ideal – they’re better our where we can see them…

  9. Nigel is a top bloke, but I’m not sure why he warrants a whole day to himself?

  10. It failed because the patriarchy took it over, as can be seen by the absence of magic Pussy Hats.

  11. Watchman–They already have been “working” for Labour since the Corbyn takeover.

    The left only ever gets a chance to spread its evil from the bungling of those against it.

    No WW1 –No soviet Union.

    No Depression–No Nazis

    No BluLabour–No EU/No Bliar etc

    They can only get going when fools and failures give them the chance.

    Look to May not Corbyn. A half-capable leader not full of nor believing in the media’s (or their own) bullshit would have seen Corbo off.

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