Not the correct question

Three quarters of pensioners support tax rises to pay for improvements to NHS, polling has found.

Rather than asking people if other people should spend more on them one should ask everyone else whether they’d like to spend more on the first group.

6 thoughts on “Not the correct question”

  1. They could suggest a rise in VAT. It doesn’t hit everyone equally – big spenders pay more VAT – but it’s one of the few taxes that the impecunious can’t avoid. Or try suggesting a rise in council tax, and watch the feathers fly.

  2. I’ve given it ten minutes thought, but, except for the proverbial magic money tree, I can’t for the life of me think where we are going to find the money we need to meet the electorate’s expectations?

  3. File under “people who pay little or no income tax in favour of other people paying more income tax to fund services from which they’ll benefit”.

    My head’s now spinning as to what kind of votes in your self interest are selfish, and which are selfless…

  4. Change the question as Andrew M suggests.

    “Should Council Tax be increased to fund the NHS?”

    Would love to see the results of that poll…

  5. Presumably the NHS is already a paragon of efficiency such that only more money can solve its problems.

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