Questions to which the answer is yes

Can we launch Indians into space? Isro will answer that question at 5.28 pm today

Sure, that’s always been easy. It’s getting them back down again, alive, that is the difficult part.

7 thoughts on “Questions to which the answer is yes”

  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Considering that we’re paying for it through the DfID, I should bloody well hope so.

  2. Considering the state their country is in and the evil dickheadery of their gubmints War on Cash the Indians have a lot more needs sorting out before they get around to space travel.

    Lets hope the crew that went top America on the H1B scam didn’t do the coding before they left.

  3. Well, it’s an unholy alliance of mismatched fuels but it worked.

    While I’d prefer to see private Indian companies providing the launch services at least Indian consumers are getting an upgrade in satellite coverage. Hopefully this sparks growth similar to that which cell phones provided for fishermen.

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