Quite remarkable

Jeremy Corbyn has called for the empty homes of rich people in Kensington to be seized for Grenfell Tower residents who have been made homeless by the fire.

The Labour leader said that the London Borough was a “tale of two cities” between a wealthy south and a rich north.

He suggested that “requisitioning” expensive vacant properties could help ensure that residents are housed locally.

Yes, that’s great, isn’t it? Local council conspires to burn people to death and the solution is to confiscate private property.

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  1. I know. Isn’t it just? Not “we’ll ask if owners of empty properties would permit, for a market rent, to house victims temporarily”.

    It’s All Your House Are Belong To Us time.

  2. “The Government has committed to rehousing all those who lost their homes in the fire in the local area.”

    Because they are all salt of the earth, born & bred Londoners…

  3. @JuliaM – left-wing politics is, a lot of the time, a vehicle for people to be complete cnuts while feeling good about doing so.

  4. JuliaM – David Lammy is so far in the lead he’s nigh on uncatchable, much as Corbyn is making a valiant effort

  5. Corbyn’s learnt a lot from his shitty mates.

    Weaponising the tragedy, which I think is disgusting, is going down rather well with the meedja and a lot of the public.

    Rather than theft, I imagine Corbyn’s place in Islington would be a good start. Must be loads of room with just one old duffer in it. Or try Yvette Cooper, Charlotte Church and Sir Bob, those who offered to take in Syrians. It somehow slipped their mind, but surely they’d renew their offer now?

  6. The Meissen Bison

    a “tale of two cities” between a wealthy south and a rich north

    Hmm. Sounds like a pretty homogeneous state of affairs, put like that.

    As regards requisitioning, though, there’s nothing remarkable about Corbyn advocating such a thing – what’s extraordinary is people like Harriet Harman tweeting agreement, presumably not because she is a convert Corbynista but to make hay at the expense of the government over the charred remains of unidentifiable people.

    At its most repulsive, there’s little to match a repulsive politician.

  7. So the abolition of property rights.

    Compulsory purchase is an evil in itself but there is due process and a chance it could fail.

    This is Venezuela-style confiscation. And by extension “What’s yours stays yours only as long as the state doesn’t decide to announce its theirs now”.

    It is a stupid move by Corbo–but where are the fucking Tories to point out what the old scumbag is actually saying.

    On the same day as people in Venez are being shot down by costumed thugs and armed socialist followers of Maduro ( strange how the lefts love of gun control evaporates when it comes to arming their thugs) where is the fish-faced cow? Or anybody?

  8. I see there’s a petition asking the government to seize the mansions of that famous jug-eared goal-hanger Gary Lineker to house those left homeless by the fire.

  9. Paul Raine says:
    June 15 2017 at 9:50 pm
    But isn’t it all political? If the state had a much bigger say in things then we certainly wouldn’t be reading about terrible fires in blocks of flats.

    Richard Murphy says:
    June 16 2017 at 7:01 am
    I agree

  10. A colleague of mine has a holiday home in Morocco, will that do? Nope, has to be Kensington….

  11. Maybe Corbyn should be having a word in the ear of his newest Labour MP for the area, who sat on the damned KCTMO for four years!

  12. John Miller: “Weaponising the tragedy, which I think is disgusting, is going down rather well with the meedja and a lot of the public.”

    If ‘a lot of the public’ really means the angry mob performing like trained seals in front of the TV cameras, then yes. But the wider British public? I’d hope not.

  13. Anyone with a home of their own or ambitions to should take the “confiscate from the “rich” ” pronouncement for the warning it is.

    Most people esp families live in properties that could house 4 or 5 times as many imports.

    The Rich?. The same shite was peddled in Venezuela. It isn’t the Rich being gunned down by Maduros thugs tho’.

  14. @ MyBurningEars: She was in a no win situation there, they turned on Khan (who was forced to take refuge in a church!) so just imagine what her presence would have sparked!

    However, she’s now announced she’ll go see the injured in hospital. She’s playing catch up with the media and she’ll fail every singly time.

  15. The silly cow should have a couple of –fake–survivors installed in Corby’s home. Have the police push or break in and let them make free with his house.

    Of course they must not be real survivors to avoid the exploitation charge. Which will then rebound on Corbyn.

  16. MBE–May is lower than whaleshit as far as I am concerned–but that doesn’t make me–or anybody–Corbyn fans let alone voters.

    The Private Frazer routine is wearing thin. The bearded leftist cunt didn’t win and he hasn’t. As yet no way to know how many were turned off by Corbog’s grandstanding bullshit.

    The Tories need to dump the bitch and start hitting back.

  17. Mr Ecks,

    The tories haven’t been hitting back for years, meekly accepting the left narrative and electing a PM who says, and believes, that “the state is a force for good”. The lack of available talent in that party is depressing.

    We’re doomed because the problem is that more and more people who should know better now accept as fact some of the bullshit corbyn spouts whilst they live in multi million pounds houses in central London.

  18. If the tories don’t put their effing heads back on their effing shoulders, we’ll have Corbyn in power and sending thugs to close down newspapers, to requisition property and so on.

    I am seriously worried about the post-election hard-left stirring. Do they think that we’re at the Final Crisis of Capitalism that will usher in their glorious rule?

  19. “I imagine Corbyn’s place in Islington would be a good start.”

    Exactly. Anyone suggesting government should seize property should be first to have their property taken.

  20. “We’re doomed because the problem is that more and more people who should know better now accept as fact some of the bullshit corbyn spouts whilst they live in multi million pounds houses in central London.”

    What’s your actual evidence for this cockrot Monoi?

    The pollsters conned the 20 point lead. Dress-Up postured and pissed off and loads who could have voted for the Tories didn’t.

    There was a yoof bulge but that wasn’t the storming of the Winter Palace either.


    Grandpa Death abuses the bereaved with his cod sympathy and lets his true colours show in the space of a day. Media pricks are spasming in orgasm over the senile–and this is evidence that the end is nigh?

  21. @Ecks,

    Anecdotal I admit, but I am almost always the only one at a dinner party or gathering who hasn’t garbled the austerity/unfair corporations not paying taxes/any other bollocks you can think of.

  22. The Tories have seemed to me to have had the stuffing knocked out of them in 2001, when Hague tried to be a bit right-wing, and they got thrashed. Since then they’ve given up being anything but Blairite centrists.

  23. I’ve never been to a dinner party in my life and I presume it is at least a vice of the well-heeled middle class. Considering that they are amongst those with the most to lose I would have to question what will happen when push comes to shove. Virtue-signalling amongst your buddies at a dinner party is one thing. Putting an x in the box for a thieving cunt when you know he might win ( at least last Thursdays fiasco brings that much home) and take it all off you is another. Who wants to take a chance with your family and your life’s work?

    The next election is it in my book. The good guys–ie us–can afford no more splits, protest votes, weird votes, weird reasons for weird votes, weird reasons for protest votes, whatever. We can afford NOTHING. Corbyn must be crushed. This is good vs evil and no hype or bullshit. If his gang win we are in danger of losing the lot. Ultimately quite possibly our lives. Ask Venezuela.

    Tell your friends they are your ex-friends if they vote for him.

  24. “Weaponising the tragedy, which I think is disgusting, is going down rather well with the meedja and a lot of the public”

    But not necessarily everyone else. The media (and the Left) inhabit their own bubble and feed on each other. There’s vast swathes of the population outside both and they see it for what it is more clearly than one might think.

    We are also forgetting the lessons Trump has taught us – you can’t beat the Left by engaging with them, and fighting on their territory, once you do that you’ve lost the argument from the off. You need to confront them head on. What is needed now from the right is a sacrificial target who will start spouting off about how Greenery and Big State has killed dozens of people. A Milo type figure really. If you go down the route of ‘compassion’ the Left will crush you because they will always go one step further, regardless of morality, if it suits their agenda.

  25. Bloke in Wiltshire

    London is basically a sea of leftist scum now, sucking at the teat of the state. All marxists who think they can rob the little red hen.

    The best thing they could do is declare themselves a pro-remain city state and we can build a wall inside the M25.

  26. wat dabney we can’t seiz3 Lily Allens! I want use as a male immigration, processing and detention center.

  27. Corbyn’s currently enjoying the luxury Trump had before he got elected, where he can say perfectly ridiculous things without getting into any difficulty, because people think he’s ‘different’.

    There’s really nothing anyone can do at this stage. The opinion-forming section of the public has decided that Labour must form the next government.

  28. “There’s really nothing anyone can do at this stage. The opinion-forming section of the public has decided that Labour must form the next government”

    Put a sock in it Charlie.

    You are spreading that much doom and desponancy that I begin to wonder which side you are on. And please don’t reply with crap like “realism” either.

    The fuckwit lost. The media are in a Killery-lite frenzy about what a wonderful creature the Marxist turd is. So fucking what.

    Our problem is–as it always was– Dress Up The Fish Faced Cow and the fact that she seems to have been given a telling off for being a silly girl instead of the brutal beating she deserved. And left free to go back to fucking things up.

    And–more seriously –this:


  29. Caught some of this on Radio 4 while stuck in traffic on the M25 this afternoon.

    Angry Righteous Leftist – “The Government doesn’t care about our lives, they’re doing nothing!”

    My suggested response: “Immediately evacuate all tower blocks! Get people out of these death traps! There may be some minor inconvenience about having to live in a tent city near Otterburn for a few years, but if it saves the life of even one small child…”

    And of course, since this a life-or-death matter of public safety, anyone protesting or obstructing this vitally necessary action is conspiring to oppress and kill poor people in lethal firetraps.

  30. @wat dabney

    Petition: …The Government should also look to seize willing celebrities homes…

    Celeb says “No”, that’s OK & keeps home. MP says “No”, loses home

    Pointless vindictive petition

  31. A xenophobic policy from Labour which has barely twitched an eyelid in media land. Invite the world to come here and then mug them.

    But meh, evil racist Torees.

  32. “The Government doesn’t care about our lives, they’re doing nothing!”

    I wonder what his point is?

    It is rather self evident that government cares more about Being Green™, than human lives. And bird lives. Kill an eagle, go to jail. Use a wind turbine, “Oh. That’s okay.”

  33. “A xenophobic policy from Labour which has barely twitched an eyelid in media land. Invite the world to come here and then mug them.”

    Strange isn’t it that if someone proposes a policy that disproportionately impacts the immigrant population within the UK that is immediately denounced as ‘racist’. Whereas a policy that specifically targets foreigner citizens who own property in the UK creates nary a whisper…………….

  34. You British seem to have some form in this. We have an amendment to our Constitution specifically addressing this due to that little disagreement in 1776. A man’s home is his castle until his betters say otherwise. Doesn’t seem things have changed that much.

  35. We are all being fooled by the wrong reference point. The 2015 election was an anomaly as we had two referendum parties, UKIP and SNP, both of which hit Labour harder than the conservatives, allowing Cameron to squeak a small majority. In 2010, Cameron got 307 seats – and was derided for failing to get a majority against the awful Broon – while Labour got 258. As a result Cameron got into bed with Clegg who had the ‘free student tuition fees” vote. In 2015 Clegg’s U turn on that unachievable promise lost him almost all his seats, but that constituency was cleverly stolen back in 2017 by labour – helped by an aggressive ‘get the vote out ‘(sometimes twice) campaign by Labour’s Red Guard. The two Referendum parties declined in 2017 for obvious reasons and the votes returned whence they came, ie more to labour than Conservatives. Bottom line, we should compares this ELection with 2010 not 2015…2017, Conservatives get 318 (+11 over 2010) and Labour get 262 (+4). No big deal.
    There is no appetite for a big overall majority for either party, leaving us ironically in a very European situation of permanent coalitions. However, as well as boundary changes the government needs to urgently address voter registration and postal voting. Students should not be able to vote in a Labour MP in, say Canterbury, and then sod off back to live somewhere else almost immediately. They should vote where they are registered by UCAS. Postal voting should be severely curtailed and should be rigourlessly cross checked for suspicion of fraud and at a minimum voters should produce photo ID.

  36. ” And–more seriously –this: https://thelibertarianalliance.com/2017/06/16/sean-gabb-speech-to-conservative-future-2009/

    I remember reading a similar, but much longer, article by Gabb years ago. I remember being depressed by it because the chances of the Conservative Party ever shutting down the BBC, or Channel 4, immediately on taking power seemed remote.

    The same applies now. And now we have Jon Snow opening up the Channel 4 news by interviewing Lily Allen. It’s not news, it’s blatant propaganda.

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